Maia Mailguard

A Spam and Virus Management System

Version 1.0.2c

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User Testimonials

Here's what users have been saying about Maia Mailguard:

"I'm running Maia on four hosts that process a total of about 350,000 messages per day. It's working great! ... Maia is a very significant contribution to the open source community." -- Daryl Jones

"Maia Mailguard has filled the missing role in the spam and virus shield for our company and our clients. Easy to install, easy to run, and the burden of management is shifted from the administrators to the users, who know best what mail they do and don't want. I'd recommend Maia Mailguard over any commercial product at any price, we've tested them all." -- Matthew Jonkman, Infotex

"I started using Maia back at version 0.94, because it complemented amavisd-new quite well, and provided close to the feature set that I was looking for:

  • Per-user quarantine and settings
  • User controlled quarantine and settings
  • Simple and easy-to-use interface

I chose amavisd-new with ClamAV and Maia after an extensive review of open source anti-virus and anti-spam packages. I was in a position to compare results with several professional outsource providers, and found that the results (false negatives and positives) were within a few tenths of a percent, depending on how aggressively I had my filter settings set.

The release candidates for version 1 have improved, by orders of magnitude, scalability, features, and ease-of-use, both for administrators, and the end user.

I am currently using Maia on my personal server, and my friends and family are quite pleased with the result. I hope to convince my ISP to stop using the outsource provider that they are currently using, and start using Maia, as it's a system that we have control over." -- Jacob Leaver, ReachONE Internet

"Maia Mailguard is an excellent tool for managing spam and viruses at the gateway. Even more impressive is the support that Robert LeBlanc offers - prompt, knowledgeable and in-depth support that is second to none!" -- Kevin Roosdahl, Prestige Computer Services Inc.

"The maia/spamassassin/razor/dcc [combination] actually does a better job of catching spam than any of the commercial options I've worked with. I am catching 99.23 percent right now. Ironmail is usually between 95-98%. Others like MimeSweeper are even worse." -- Peter Buonora

"I was using Postfix, amavisd-new and SpamAssassin before for the whole site. But Maia lets every user control their own spam. This is the solution for per-user spam and virus detection. I am using Maia on FreeBSD 6.0 and it's working great for 12 users and thousands of messages per day. The users are very happy with Maia." -- Bekir Alpaydin

"We use Maia Mailguard for our ISP customers. Your product is great!!! It has really saved our mail servers from abuse." -- Will Morris, Netvoice, Inc.

"Within days of installing Maia Mailguard, staff were praising it. On a personal note, a major ISP here in NZ have recently moved their users across to Yahoo mail (including my personal email account). The mail filtering system they are using is rubbish compared to what I have now got with Maia--and they have got plenty of money to throw around." -- Keith Craig, Dilworth School, Auckland, NZ

"We used Maia to retire a commercial anti-spam appliance (SurfControl RiskFilter) and it has solved many of the problems that we had with that product. We were never able to consider amavisd-new and SpamAssassin as a filter until Maia because we were required to give users control over their quarantines. We’ve had great success with a great system!" -- Tom Casartello, Westfield State College, Westfield, MA

"My business partner and I started iGlobalNetworks about 9 years ago and have had the same email addresses for as long. We refused to change, but the spam made our Blackberrys almost useless. Then we found Maia and started a beta test, that lasted all of about 1 week and it was pushed into production. We now filter over 300 domains, with thousands of users. Never a lost email, never a crash, and never a support issue! This software is straight forward and powerful, only suggest using it if you want your email back, and hate spam! Thanks and God Bless!" -- Daniel Ribelin, CTO, iGlobalNetworks

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