Maia Mailguard

A Spam and Virus Management System

Version 1.0.2c

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The Maia Mailguard package consists of an official distribution, which contains all the necessary files to get both the Basic and Advanced configurations installed, and a set of supplemental files which can be added at any time to provide additional (or alternate) functionality.

Users are encouraged to contribute their own modifications and patches, some of which may end up in future "official" releases (with proper attribution, of course). User submissions which don't make it into the official release will be made available as supplemental files.

Official Files

Note: The current Stable release is 1.0.2c which is a security fix to 1.0.2

These files comprise the "official" Maia Mailguard distribution:

Language Packs

Language packs should be unpacked beneath the "locale" subdirectory. The English (en) language pack is included in the official release, above, but is provided separately here as a reference for translators. New language packs will be added here as they become available.

SVN Access

The Maia Mailguard project files are all available via subversion (SVN), for those who prefer to access the files this way. You can browse the repository, or use a SVN client to connect anonymously (no login required):

To checkout the current 1.0.x release:

$ svn checkout

To checkout the latest bleeding-edge development code:

$ svn checkout

Developers interested in contributing code to the project should contact Robert LeBlanc to request a non-anonymous SVN login with commit privileges.