The upgrade.php script

The upgrade.php script (in the php/admin subdirectory) is used to upgrade a Maia Mailguard RC5 installation to the latest 1.0.x version. More specifically, it upgrades the database schema to add new tables and columns required by the newer version. Note that it was not designed to upgrade databases from earlier versions than RC5, so results are not guaranteed for pre-RC5 databases.

As with any upgrade, you should back up your existing database before running this script. Its changes should be merely additive in nature, but in the event something goes wrong, you won't want to have lost your existing data irretrievably, so take a few minutes to do a proper backup first.

Once you have upgraded your database successfully and have Maia Mailguard up and running, you should remove the php/admin subdirectory and all of its contents as a security precaution, so that these scripts cannot be exploited by intruders.

Last modified 14 years ago Last modified on Apr 12, 2006, 11:40:52 PM