The script

Maia Mailguard can use strong encryption to protect the contents of the e-mail that it quarantines/caches, as a safeguard against prying eyes with database access. It uses the Blowfish algorithm with a 56-byte (448-bit) key, and chained-block cipher (CBC) mode to do two-way encryption of stored mail. This encryption is completely transparent to the users, and does not require them to install any special software. All encrypting and decrypting is done by Maia Mailguard.

To take advantage of this encryption feature, you first need to generate a random key for your site. The script can do this for you, just redirect its output to a file:

[root]# > /var/amavisd/blowfish.key

Put the key file in your amavisd directory, and be sure to keep another copy of it in a safe place, preferably on another machine offsite, and/or a backup disk/CD. If you suffer a disk crash and lose your key file, you'll need this backup to be able to recover the encrypted contents of your Maia database.

You'll also need to copy this key file to your web server, so that Maia can use it to properly decrypt the stored mail. You can put it anywhere you like on the web server, as long as you tell Maia where it is (using the System Configuration page).

You can safely enable encryption at any time, even after you've already got mail in your database. Maia is smart enough to detect encrypted vs. unencrypted mail, so if your database contains a mixture of both types, it won't cause any problems.

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