The configtest.php script

The configtest.php script (found in the php/admin subdirectory) performs tests on your web server, verifying that you have the necessary PHP and PEAR prerequisites in place to host a Maia Mailguard installation. Load this page in a web browser to receive a summary diagnostic. If the script determines that you're missing something, it will also indicate whether that item is optional or mandatory, so you'll know whether you absolutely need to install the missing component before proceeding.

The output looks similar to this:

Maia Mailguard Configuration Tester

File Permissions OK
PHP OK: 4.3.8
register_globals OK
Smarty Template Engine OK
MySQL Support OK: MySQL support available
PostgreSQL Support SKIPPED: PostgreSQL support not available
Database Support OK: Database support is ok
PEAR OK: 1.4.8
PEAR::Mail_Mime OK: 1.3.1
PEAR::DB OK: 1.7.6 DB.php installed as: /usr/share/pear/DB.php
PEAR::DB_Pager OK: 0.7
PEAR::Net_Socket OK: 1.0.6
PEAR::Net_SMTP OK: 1.2.8
PEAR::Auth_SASL OK: 1.0.1
PEAR::Net_IMAP OK: 1.0.3
PEAR::Net_POP3 OK: 1.3.6
PEAR::Log OK: 1.9.3
IMAP library OK: 2000
LDAP library FAILED: Not installed, but only required if you want to be able to authenticate with LDAP. See this page for more information about downloading the LDAP extensions to PHP, and instructions for recompiling PHP with the --with-ldap flag.
MCrypt library OK: >= 2.4.x with Blowfish and CBC
BC math library OK
gd graphics library OK: bundled (2.0.23 compatible)

NOTE: The configtest.php script only tests the web server and PHP components that Maia Mailguard requires. To test the amavisd-maia, Perl scripts, and SpamAssassin components, use the script.

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