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     1= Installing and Running Trac on Debian =
     3== Notes from a debian sarge install ==
     5As has been previously pointed out, a Debian package does not exist, hence you need to build it yourself. This isn't ''too'' onerous if you know where you might get bitten. Hopefully the following should be of some use.
     7'''Warning''': The instructions within will modify your system from the standard Debian install. Some packages will be pulled from the unstable distribution, and some packages are installed manually on your system. This may make it difficult to uninstall the software, or upgrade it in the future as Debian packages arrive. But for what it's worth, this setup seems to work fine.
     9First you need the SQLite, Subversion and the related python modules. Note that you need to use the version of subversion from unstable. Don't worry as Debians unstable is not really unstable, it's about as stable as typical redhat packages.
     11You might want to use apt-pinning, which is basically a way of stopping unstable dependancies from getting installed all over the place (try this [ guide for beginners]). Create or edit '''{{{/etc/apt/preferences}}}''' and insert
     14Package: *
     15Pin: release a=testing
     16Pin-Priority: 650
     18Package: *
     19Pin: release a=unstable
     20Pin-Priority: 600
     23You'll also need to add unstable to the '''{{{/etc/apt/sources.list}}}'''
     26deb stable/updates main
     27deb testing non-free
     28deb testing contrib
     29deb testing main
     30deb unstable main
     33Thats what mine looks like
     36apt-get install sqlite python2.3-subversion python2.3-sqlite
     37apt-get -t unstable install subversion
     40Clearsilver isn't available as a package so get clearsilver from (tested [ 0.9.8])
     43tar xvfz clearsilver-0.9.8.tar.gz
     44cd clearsilver-0.9.8
     47make install
     48cd python/
     49ln -s /usr/bin/python2.3 /usr/bin/python
     51make install
     54This should then allow you to build and initialise trac.
     56Note:  I found I needed to change the first line in scripts/ from '#!/usr/local/bin/python' to '#!/usr/bin/python' --Tom Hoffman
     58When you come to running it though you'll also have to add the env_module using the following line in your '''{{{/etc/apache/modules.conf}}}'''
     61LoadModule env_module /usr/lib/apache/1.3/
     64I then set up a trac.conf in my '''{{{/etc/apache/conf.d}}}''' folder like so
     67<VirtualHost local.trac>
     68    alias /trac/ "/usr/share/trac/htdocs/"
     69    ServerAdmin youremail@yourdomain.tld
     70    DocumentRoot /home/tim/myTrac
     71    ServerName local.trac
     72    ErrorLog /home/tim/myTrac/logs/error.log
     73    CustomLog /home/tim/myTrac/logs/access_log common
     74    AddHandler cgi-script cgi
     75    <Location "/cgi-bin/trac.cgi">
     76      SetEnv TRAC_DB "/home/tim/myTrac/tracdb/mydb"
     77      Options FollowSymLinks +ExecCGI
     78      AllowOverride None
     79    </Location>
     82Don't forget to create those log folders though (apachectl configtest doesn't warn you about that one)