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     1= Reporting Errors =
     3Before you do anything else, be sure to check the growing [wiki:FAQ FAQ].
     5There are several mechanisms to report problems to the '''Maia Mailguard''' development team.  The easiest is to simply create a trouble ticket here on this website ( ). Before you do, please take some time to search existing tickets to see if it has already been reported, and add your report to an already existing ticket if an appropriate one exists.  Don't be shy!
     7You can also subscribe to various [wiki:MaiaMailingLists mailing lists] and report the problem there (but you may be asked to come back here and generate a trouble ticcket for it!.
     9When reporting errors, it would help us out if you could provide as many details as possible.  A report like "nothing happens" is not very helpful, and probably not exactly true either.  ''Something'' is happening, though it may be hard to figure out what.
     11One thing that may be very helpfull is to find out what, if any, errors are being logged to the screen or log files.  Sometimes this may not be activated, so you may need to activate php's logging.  Look in your php.ini file, here's what I have set:
     13error_reporting  =  E_ALL
     14display_errors = Off
     15log_errors = On
     18This lets it log all errors to the apache error log file, and doesn't bother the end user's screen.  Of particular note, I removed the default ''~E_NOTICE'' from the '''error_reporting''' directive, to get more detailed messages.
     20Please report any relevant errors along with your error report, as it will help us track down the problem more quickly.