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Per Address Stats and control

The 1.0 series of Maia has a limitation wrt the way it stores stats and various settings, as it stores all of the stats for all linked accounts for a maia user as aggregated stats linked to that user. This means that individual stats about one particular email account is not available, and domain cumulative totals are not possible.

In addition, the suspected ham/spam totals were based off of the current cache contents, and got reset whenever items were confirmed or deleted. This leaves no cumulative record of how Maia called sorted the mail.

Integrated into trunk now is a huge overhaul that touches a lot of Maia's internals, but it already seems quite stable. Stats are now linked to the instead of the The interface currently shows only the aggregate totals, but we can easily modify it now to show individual stats per email address.

Also, all mail counters in in the stats table are cumulative; there is no decreasing any counter. This means the "probable spam/ham" counters indicate the total amount of mail that Maia has filtered.

In the proces of keeping the stats, there are some tricky aspects in counting "confirmed" stats vs "unconfirmed" stats. Some of this may need to be worked out. For example:

A false negative is also now reported as confirmed spam, and a false positive is now recorded as confrmed ham. Because if you think about it, it is. This means things like PPV and such need to do some math to be correct ( and last I checked we had it right)

This also means we need to revise the stats reporting to break it down into smaller charts and graphs, as there are several apples vs oranges issues with just putting them all in one table as we do now. Smaller charts/graphs would also convey the information better anyway.

As for technical details, the important aspect on development is that we need to refer to variables carefully to make sure the intended use is clear: as address_id or recipient_id as maia_user_id as routing_address as mail_id