Why isn't Maia blocking spam or viruses?

By default, Maia ships in a "pass-through" configuration that blocks nothing. The point is to make it as transparent as possible, so that when you introduce Maia into your existing mail system you don't surprise your users with any unexpected behaviours. Users need to turn on the filtering features within Maia, which ensures that they're aware of them.

To enable filtering features, users must login to Maia and go to their Settings page, then select the e-mail address they wish to enable filtering for. That will bring them to the filter settings page for that address, where they can enable/disable the filters they want, and adjust their spam thresholds.

If you don't want this "pass-through" behaviour to be the default, login as the super-administrator and go to the Admin->Domains page, select the "System Default (@.)" domain, and edit the default settings there. Whenever you create a new domain after that, the domain will inherit its defaults from the system default, and new users created after that point will inherit their defaults from the domain defaults. Note that this will not change the settings for domains or users that already exist, so you should ideally set your system defaults before you create any domains or users.

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