Mysql won't allow messages over 1024k, and so messages larger than that break Maia.

First, you may notice an item in the system configuration:

Mail size limit (bytes): specifies the size of the largest mail item you are willing to check for content-filtering purposes. Note that your database configuration options may need to be adjusted (e.g. the max_allowed_packet parameter of MySQL must be at least as large as this value, etc.).

And from the install docs:

If you're using MySQL, you'll also need to add (or increase) the max_allowed_packet setting in your my.cnf file. This setting determines the size of the largest mail item you'll be able to process with Maia, so make sure to set this value large enough to accommodate your needs. (You'll be able to tell Maia later on what to do with mail larger than this.) Note that in MySQL version prior to 4.0.1, the maximum packet size is 16 MB; later versions can accept packets as large as 1 GB.

MySQL versions prior to 4.0.2:

set-variable = max_allowed_packet= 10M

MySQL 4.0.2 or later:

max_allowed_packet = 10M

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