MySQL server has gone away

This could be caused by several things (that I'm aware of):

  • If you are running this on a test server, there may not be enough traffic to keep the sql connections alive. Once you put it in production, the higher flow of email should keep it going. If you want to keep it alive in test, subcribe to a high volume email list or increase the idle timeout in mysql.
  • Check the max_allowed_packet setting in my.cnf. It should match the setting for Mail size limit (bytes): in the Maia Admin/System? Configuration page. MysqlMaxPacket has more information about this.
  • If you are using Postfix as your MTA, ensure that you are not using body or header checks with Postfix.
  • Other database permission or connection problems.

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Last modified 14 years ago Last modified on Apr 25, 2006, 8:06:41 PM