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  1. Load your SpamAssassin Rules


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    1616 * 6. Configure SpamAssassin 3.x
    1717 * 7. Load your SpamAssassin Rules
     18 * 8. Install and configure amavisd-new
    289290== 7. Load your SpamAssassin Rules ==
    291 ----
     292Maia Mailguard needs to index all of the SpamAssassin rules you have installed on your system, so that these rules, their descriptions and scores can be loaded into a database table. To do this, use one of the scripts in the scripts subdirectory called ''''''.
     294Before you run this script, edit it to make sure that the SpamAssassin rule directories are set properly, e.g.:
     296# CONFIGURE THIS: SpamAssassin directories to search for rules files (*.cf and user_prefs)
     297my $local_cf_dir = "/etc/mail/spamassassin";
     298my $system_rules_dir = "/usr/local/share/spamassassin";
     299my $user_rules_dir = "/var/amavisd/.spamassassin";
     302'''$local_cf_dir''' should be set to the directory that contains your site's file.[[BR]]
     303'''$system_rules_dir''' should be set to the directory that contains SpamAssassin's own *.cf files.[[BR]]
     304'''$user_rules_dir''' should be set to the amavis user's SpamAssassin directory, where its (optional) user_prefs file may be found.
     306Run it without arguments, e.g.
     308[root]# /var/amavisd/maia/scripts/
     310If all goes well, this script will scan the three specified subdirectories for *.cf and user_prefs files, reading any rule names, descriptions and scores it finds and storing them in the Maia Mailguard database
     312You can safely run this script anytime you add new SpamAssassin rules or update your SpamAssassin rule files with new scores. The script will not add the same rule twice, but it will update the score value of a rule that it has seen before. If you use a scheduled job to fetch updated versions of popular SpamAssassin rule sets, for example, add this script to the end of your update job to make sure the changes are picked up by Maia Mailguard.
     314'''Note:''' if your using a rules updatescript make sure to run '''''' after it makes any rule changes.
     318== 8. Install and configure amavisd-new ==