Translating Maia

A wonderful tool exists for Firefox that helps with the process:

Update The project linked appears to not be moving, and it didn't quite work with our files. Here is an updated xpi file that works better. phplangeditor.xpi

Translations for the Maia Mailguard web interface currently exist in the php/locale/ folder, each language stored under a two letter country code. The up to date reference version is english, php/locale/en/

Within this folder are a number of files that define translations as the values to a php array, $lang

Using this tool, you can load up a reference file from the php/locale/en folder, and load the corresponding file from your own language, and it will display all the keys along with the values in both files. Save a copy of the file, move on to the next, and when you are done, tar up all the files and send it to the developers! (mortonda@… or rjl@…)

There are a number of files to go through, but this should make fairly quick work of it.

Please retain the UTF-8 encoding... If this is a problem, please let us know!

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