Changes from 1.0.1 to 1.0.2

New Features

  • Theme management for administrators is now available, so that administrators can add and remove themes and determine which themes should be available to their users.
  • Wildcards in whitelists and blacklists are now valid, so you can now use '*' (to replace zero or more characters) and '?' (to replace exactly one character). This is particularly useful for whitelisting newsletters that use randomly-generated elements in their sender addresses.
  • A 'Resend' button is now included in the mail viewer for non-spam items, so that these items can be redelivered to the recipient, in the event the recipient accidentally deletes the original delivery. This feature can only be used until the cached item is confirmed or reported as spam, or ultimately expired.
  • A multi-purpose database utility script: makes its debut in this release, providing a mechanism for performing database maintenance, bulk user and domain additions/deletions, Bayes and AWL pruning and clearing, and more. The feature set for this tool continues to expand.
  • Consolidated cache pages have now eliminated a bunch of redundant code, replacing the old-style quarantine and cache listings with a single common piece of code that should be easier to maintain and extend. If you've made customisations to the templates for the *-quarantine.php or ham-cache.php pages you'll want to take a look at the template for the new list-cache.php page instead.
  • Dynamic scores are now properly displayed for rules like AWL and FUZZYOCR_*, which used to show up in the mail viewer with scores of 1.0 all the time. Now the mail viewer's spam report should always add up properly.
  • More efficient SQL queries in the PHP scripts should now make the web interface faster and more responsive, particularly when dealing with large numbers of items in your quarantines/caches.
  • More default settings are inherited from the domain and global levels when new user accounts are created, including things like quarantine digest intervals, column truncation levels, etc.
  • A switch from PEAR::DB_Pager to PEAR::Pager, now that DB_Pager is no longer being maintained.

Bug Fixes

  • Better PostgreSQL support means there should be fewer glitches for PostgreSQL users in this release, now that we've got more PostgreSQL users providing testing feedback.
  • Encryption issues with Crypt::CBC have been resolved; versions 2.17 through 2.21 contained a subtle but serious bug, but with version 2.22 this has been fixed.
  • sa-update issues with SpamAssassin have also been solved; versions 3.1.1 through 3.1.6 contained broken versions of the sa-update utility, but version 3.1.7 fixes this problem.
  • Debug popup windows were the cause of some annoyance in 1.0.1, but the debugging and logging code has been improved and the popups made optional in this release.
  • Empty usernames should not be authenticated, for reasons that should have been obvious to us in the first place. Fixed.
  • Better path-finding methods for the Smarty libraries make it more likely that the Smarty libraries will be found automatically, without having to hard-code $smarty_path in your config.php file.
  • Not being able to read an encryption key file is a fatal error, as it always should have been; if amavisd-maia can't encrypt and decrypt properly with the key file you've specified, it won't bother trying to process any mail until you fix the problem.

As always, you can find a more detailed list of feature enhancements and bug fixes for the 1.0.2 milestone here.

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