Why am I getting a blank page when I try to access Maia?

Development after RC5 started using Smarty templates, which need to compile templates into an intermediate form. Thus the web server needs to have access rights to themes/*/compiled in order to make a web page to display. The easiest, though least secure, way to do this is to: chmod 777 themes/*/compiled

A more correct way is to do something similar to what is done for the template permisions.

  chgrp amavis themes/*/compiled
  chmod 775 themes/*/compiled

Then, if your web server user is "www", add that user to your "amavis" group:

  usermod -G amavis www

Another potential cause was just discovered: Suse 10 has a default include path that doesn't have the current directory in the path. Make sure your php.ini has both "." and your pear libs included:

include_path = ".:/usr/share/php"

Another issue can be found with SELinux interference. Two options exist:

Blank page on login, system settings change, or digest confirmation

Some debugging options were causing problems by displaying info just before an http redirect, which results in the failure of the redirect and a blank page.

In addition, the debug code was broken and coldn't be turned off. See #354 and related code revisions. For a quick workaround, see:

This issue has been fixed in trunk and will be included in the 1.0.2 release.

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