CentralCommand Vexira

['CentralCommand Vexira (new) vascan',
  "-a s --timeout=60 --temp=$TEMPBASE -y $QUARANTINEDIR ".
  "--log=/var/log/vascan.log {}",
  [0,3], [1,2,5],
  qr/(?x)^\s* (?:virus|iworm|macro|mutant|sequence|trojan)\ found:\ ( [^\]\s']+ )\ \.\.\.\ /m ],

Adjust the path of the binary and the virus database as needed. 'vascan' does not allow to have the temp directory to be the same as the quarantine directory, and the quarantine option can not be disabled. If $QUARANTINEDIR is not used, then another directory must be specified to appease 'vascan'. Move status 3 to the second list if password protected files are to be considered infected.

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