and .


09:19 Ticket #493 (maiadbtool.pl --delete-address can leave database in incorrect state) created by dmorton
maiadbtool --delete-address currently deletes the users table entry, …


13:56 Changeset [1206] by dmorton

1.0 branch - starting work on ticket #152, seperating form tags to work as ...


12:33 Ticket #492 (unusual constraint error in trunk) closed by dmorton
invalid: oops, wrong source code base.
12:19 Ticket #492 (unusual constraint error in trunk) created by dmorton
While building a new test server for trunk, I found this in my log …
07:27 Ticket #266 ([PATCH] PEAR::Net_IMAP needs patching for use with PHP 5) reopened by dmorton
That last comment doesn't make sense? Anyway, reopening this ticket …


11:53 Ticket #491 (Convert Pear_DB) created by dmorton
PEAR_DB is depreciated, so we need to move to either PDO or MDB2 layers


04:28 Changeset [1205] by dmorton

1.0 branch: ref #490 fixed sorting issues

03:40 Ticket #490 (sort users alphebetically in adminuser) created by dmorton
Chris Paul writes: […]
03:37 Ticket #489 (Adjust time display based on timezone) created by dmorton
Chris Paul write: […]


14:08 Ticket #432 (don't delete empty list of emails) closed by dmorton
fixed: [1170]
13:51 Ticket #326 (chart code incompatibility with new PEAR module) closed by dmorton
fixed: Ticket should have been closed, probably lost in the server crash.
13:50 Ticket #382 (postgresql detection) closed by dmorton
fixed: fixed in [1119] a year ago, ticket was closed but lost in server crash.
13:48 Ticket #381 (German translation for theme management) closed by dmorton


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