Dec 1, 2006:

9:52 AM FAQ edited by rjl
9:49 AM MySQLTuning created by rjl
Added some advice on MySQL tuning
7:53 AM Ticket #380 (reset internal password) created by dmorton
We have had several requests to reset an internal Maia password, and …
4:55 AM Ticket #379 (Let users reset their filter settings to the domain defaults) created by rjl
After enough experimentation with different score thresholds and …

Nov 30, 2006:

3:15 PM BlankPage edited by dmorton
adding comments about debugging errors and blank pages (diff)
11:30 AM Ticket #356 ($isPg undefined in send-quarantine-digests.pl) closed by dmorton
11:28 AM Ticket #378 (UTF-8 issues and postgres) created by dmorton
See discussion at …
10:51 AM Changeset [1114] by dmorton
escaping a user supplied string being sent back out as output... …
10:13 AM Changeset [1113] by dmorton
ref #356 thanks to riogeed on IRC, we came up with a query that …

Nov 29, 2006:

4:58 PM Changeset [1112] by dmorton
ref #356 lowercase the db_type to make sure we match it
3:37 PM Ticket #356 ($isPg undefined in send-quarantine-digests.pl) reopened by dmorton
I have a report that it should check for "Pg" not "pg", and then not …
1:56 AM Ticket #377 (Switch to Regexp::Assemble for whitelists and banned file lists) created by rjl
We can improve the efficiency of the regular expression lists we use …
1:44 AM Ticket #376 (Display inherited whitelists and blacklists) created by rjl
Since Maia uses hierarchical inheritance for its whitelists and …
1:36 AM Ticket #375 (Don't delete policy records still in use) created by rjl
When a new Maia account is created, an address record is created in …
1:29 AM Ticket #374 (Display the Maia account username in level-3 log output) created by rjl
At $log_level 3, the debugging output in amavisd-maia currently …
1:23 AM Ticket #373 (Prune obsolete PHP scripts) created by rjl
With the recent switch to list-cache.php, the older PHP scripts like …
1:17 AM Ticket #372 (Make it easier for users to find their filter settings) created by rjl
The settings.php script displays a list of the email addresses …

Nov 28, 2006:

3:28 PM Changeset [1111] by dmorton
per #366 commenting out line about local_domains_maps. This …
3:13 PM Ticket #363 (Hungarian Translation) closed by dmorton
fixed: [1110]
3:10 PM Changeset [1110] by dmorton
ref #363 adding hu locale
2:56 PM Ticket #371 (Portuguese translation) closed by dmorton
fixed: [1108] and [1109]
2:51 PM Changeset [1109] by dmorton
svn properties were set wrong
2:43 PM Changeset [1108] by dmorton
ref #371 adding pt locale
2:35 PM Ticket #371 (Portuguese translation) created by dmorton
João Pinheiro has provided a nearly complete translation

Nov 24, 2006:

12:54 PM Changeset [1107] by dmorton
ref #269 trying to check for the database version. Do we have a …
9:20 AM Ticket #370 (banner_subtitle overridden in theme code) created by dmorton
As part of the "quickstats" calculation performed in the desert sand …

Nov 23, 2006:

7:38 AM Changeset [1106] by dmorton
Change them file permission check to avoid all hidden directories.

Nov 21, 2006:

7:53 PM UpgradeFromRC5 edited by dmorton
7:52 PM UpgradeFrom1-0-x edited by dmorton
7:32 PM Changeset [1105] by dmorton
ref #320 bumped minimum version of spamassasin to 3.0

Nov 20, 2006:

7:12 AM RecommendedRuleSets edited by dmorton
2:42 AM Changeset [1104] by rjl
Added maiadbtool.pl
2:37 AM Ticket #320 (fix AWL score confusion) closed by rjl
fixed: Implemented in [1103]. Dynamically-scored rules like AWL and …
2:26 AM Changeset [1103] by rjl
Fixed dynamic rule scores (#320)

Nov 19, 2006:

7:01 PM Ticket #218 (Expand the number of characters in the subject field in ham/spam cache) closed by rjl
fixed: This was resolved quite a while ago in Maia 1.0.1, when the ability to …
6:52 PM Ticket #369 (Don't send digests to domain-default or system-default accounts) created by rjl
Currently the settings.php script allows an administrator to set a …

Nov 15, 2006:

5:08 PM Changeset [1102] by dmorton
Trunk: ref #69 : typo in link.
5:02 PM Changeset [1101] by dmorton
ref #96 rescue_item needs to be called for one message at a time
4:42 PM Changeset [1100] by dmorton
ref #69 adding button to resend a message. Still needs testing…
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