Nov 20, 2006:

7:12 AM RecommendedRuleSets edited by dmorton
2:42 AM Changeset [1104] by rjl
Added maiadbtool.pl
2:37 AM Ticket #320 (fix AWL score confusion) closed by rjl
fixed: Implemented in [1103]. Dynamically-scored rules like AWL and …
2:26 AM Changeset [1103] by rjl
Fixed dynamic rule scores (#320)

Nov 19, 2006:

7:01 PM Ticket #218 (Expand the number of characters in the subject field in ham/spam cache) closed by rjl
fixed: This was resolved quite a while ago in Maia 1.0.1, when the ability to …
6:52 PM Ticket #369 (Don't send digests to domain-default or system-default accounts) created by rjl
Currently the settings.php script allows an administrator to set a …

Nov 15, 2006:

5:08 PM Changeset [1102] by dmorton
Trunk: ref #69 : typo in link.
5:02 PM Changeset [1101] by dmorton
ref #96 rescue_item needs to be called for one message at a time
4:42 PM Changeset [1100] by dmorton
ref #69 adding button to resend a message. Still needs testing…

Oct 26, 2006:

5:02 AM Ticket #368 ([PATCH] Decryption fails with Crypt::CBC 2.17 and later) created by rjl
Newer versions of Crypt::CBC (2.17 and later) fail to decrypt the text …

Oct 24, 2006:

1:49 PM Ticket #365 (cache ham setting should *not* inherit from @.) closed by rjl
fixed: Fixed in [1099], where maia_users.discard_ham is removed from the …
1:43 PM Changeset [1099] by rjl
removed inheritance of maia_users.discard_ham, ref #365

Oct 23, 2006:

3:59 PM Ticket #367 (italian templates for perl scripts) created by dmorton
Paolo Poletti provided italian translations for the perl scripts
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