Oct 26, 2006:

5:02 AM Ticket #368 ([PATCH] Decryption fails with Crypt::CBC 2.17 and later) created by rjl
Newer versions of Crypt::CBC (2.17 and later) fail to decrypt the text …

Oct 24, 2006:

1:49 PM Ticket #365 (cache ham setting should *not* inherit from @.) closed by rjl
fixed: Fixed in [1099], where maia_users.discard_ham is removed from the …
1:43 PM Changeset [1099] by rjl
removed inheritance of maia_users.discard_ham, ref #365

Oct 23, 2006:

3:59 PM Ticket #367 (italian templates for perl scripts) created by dmorton
Paolo Poletti provided italian translations for the perl scripts

Oct 19, 2006:

11:57 AM Ticket #366 (@local_domains_maps doesn't work as expected, not needed?) created by dmorton
The amavisd.conf file supplied has this line: […] But it doesn't …
11:16 AM Ticket #365 (cache ham setting should *not* inherit from @.) created by dmorton
Since the @. represents outgoing mail, it usually does not cache ham; …

Oct 18, 2006:

7:50 PM Ticket #364 (Italian patch for themes) created by dmorton
Patch from Luca Corti
7:48 PM Ticket #363 (Hungarian Translation) created by dmorton
Translation from Fulop Szilard

Oct 4, 2006:

11:05 PM Ticket #323 (Settings in maia_users don't inherit from domain and system defaults) closed by dmorton
fixed: added in [1098]
11:03 PM Changeset [1098] by dmorton
Trunk: ref Ticket #323 Settings in maia_users now inherit from domain …
4:00 PM Ticket #362 (remove legacy viewmail stuff) created by dmorton
Remove legacy support for old style viewmail: viewmail.php, …
3:44 PM Ticket #331 (view.php has wrong link for raw button) closed by dmorton
fixed: Added some logic in [1096] and [1097] to present the proper link …
3:39 PM Changeset [1097] by dmorton
Trunk: same patch for ocean_surf as for desert_sand in [1096], ref #331
3:17 PM Changeset [1096] by dmorton
Trunk: fixing view raw link in mail viewer to work with new viewmail …

Oct 3, 2006:

8:42 PM Ticket #305 (Add a "spam" column to the bad header and banned files quarantines) closed by dmorton
fixed: The code I did recently to unify the various caches takes care of this.
7:26 PM Changeset [1095] by dmorton
Trunk: fixing undefined index "about" in xlogin.php
2:01 PM Changeset [1094] by dmorton
DGM Branch: Merging trunk changes from [1087] to [1093]
8:19 AM Changeset [1093] by dmorton
Trunk: [1092] messed up the encoding, this should correct it.
8:05 AM Changeset [1092] by dmorton
Trunk: german locale update, was missing a few keys.

Oct 2, 2006:

10:33 PM Ticket #361 (adminhelp templates not accurate) created by dmorton
after committing [1091], I noticed that a number of options in …
10:28 PM Ticket #84 (admin options for themes) closed by dmorton
10:06 PM Changeset [1091] by dmorton
Trunk: Adding theme management to admin control panel. reference #84

Sep 29, 2006:

1:36 PM Ticket #341 ([PATCH] French locale updated) closed by dmorton
fixed: [1090] BTW, the patch has files in .svn too; it would have been …
1:34 PM Changeset [1090] by dmorton
Trunk: French locale changes, per #341
1:18 PM Ticket #356 ($isPg undefined in send-quarantine-digests.pl) closed by dmorton
fixed: used get_db_type, [1089]
1:18 PM Changeset [1089] by dmorton
Trunk: ref #356 fixing postgres support
1:09 PM Ticket #360 (minimum requirement for template toolkit) closed by dmorton
fixed: [1088]
1:08 PM Changeset [1088] by dmorton
Trunk: set minimum requirement for Template Toolkit to 2.10. (Great …
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