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RDJ rulset recommendations (diff)


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04:48 Ticket #339 (Add a "resend" feature for cached non-spam items) closed by rjl
duplicate: This is a duplicate of #69.
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17:21 Ticket #359 (Add a script to add users and domains in bulk) created by rjl
Maia users at larger sites need the ability to add user email addresses …


14:42 Ticket #358 (Add OCR support) created by rjl
As we face an increasing tide of image-spam, OCR is becoming a more useful …


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13:23 Ticket #357 (load-sa-rules.pl skips rules that lack description lines) created by rjl
The load-sa-rules script currently ignores rules …


13:51 Ticket #238 ([PATCH] more efficient cache submission query) closed by dmorton
13:48 Ticket #355 (error updating system settings) closed by dmorton
fixed: commented out chart_autogeneration_interval [1074]


14:50 Ticket #356 ($isPg undefined in send-quarantine-digests.pl) created by dmorton
looks like a line got removed from send-quarantine-digests.pl in [977]


08:58 Changeset [1075] by dmorton

Trunk: more logging/debug cleaup. New config item $debug_popup to turn ...

08:11 Changeset [1074] by dmorton

Trunk: removed references to chart_autogeneration_interval until such ...


13:53 Ticket #355 (error updating system settings) created by dmorton
When updating system config settings, I get:[…]
13:43 Ticket #354 (new debug/log code falls back to old code) closed by dmorton
fixed: see [1072] and [1073]
13:42 Changeset [1073] by dmorton

Trunk: adding some documentation to the log levels ref #354

13:31 Changeset [1072] by dmorton

Removing old style debug code in favor of PEAR::Log.

I thought this code ...

13:29 Ticket #354 (new debug/log code falls back to old code) created by dmorton
I just found some odd cases where the old style popup window based on …


11:06 Ticket #351 (Sender for spam marked using the "Non-spam?" radio button is not added to ...) closed by dmorton
fixed: Fixed in 1.0.2 with new cache code. It's taken care of in …
08:43 Ticket #352 (don't call delete 0 items....) closed by dmorton
fixed: [1070]
08:42 Ticket #344 (list-cache.php in trunk still requires DB_Pager) closed by dmorton
fixed: thanks... removed in [1071]
08:41 Changeset [1071] by dmorton

removed require for DB/Pager since we now use Pager/Pager. ref #344


13:21 Changeset [1070] by dmorton

Adding error check for empty list when calling delete_mail_reference() ref ...

11:17 Ticket #337 (PHP function errors) closed by dmorton
11:17 Ticket #353 (undefined variable in w/b list) closed by dmorton
fixed: see [1069]
11:10 Changeset [1069] by dmorton

Undefined variable in wblist.

08:47 Changeset [1068] by dmorton

array_merge only accepts parameters of type "array" in php5, forcing the ...

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