and .


12:28 Ticket #243 (Some minor corrections in UPGRADE/INSTALL for trunk) closed by anonymous
fixed: Fixed with documentation on the website after the release of v1.0.0 [921]
11:35 Ticket #267 (Very Confused. Please Help) closed by Ed <maia@…>
invalid: The bug/ticket system is not designed for carrying on discussions. …
08:51 Ticket #267 (Very Confused. Please Help) created by casy.l@…
I am running my hosting though godaddy right now and need to find a way to …


14:38 Ticket #264 (Blank sender column causes alignment problems in digest e-mails) closed by dmorton
fixed: [938][939]
14:37 Changeset [939] by dmorton

1.0 Branch: ref #264, [938] : initialize variables each time through the ...

14:32 Changeset [938] by dmorton

Trunk: #264 - initialize variables each time through the loop in case they ...

11:45 Ticket #266 ([PATCH] PEAR::Net_IMAP needs patching for use with PHP 5) created by rjl
While this isn't a Maia bug, it affects Maia users wishing to use PHP 5 …


17:52 Ticket #265 (Bypassing filtering for oversized items doesn't behave as intended) created by rjl
Paul Westbrook reports that amavisd-maia's size limit feature is not …
17:44 Ticket #264 (Blank sender column causes alignment problems in digest e-mails) created by rjl
Joe Sloan reports: "There does seem to be one buglet in the digest. …
13:20 Ticket #261 (empty Statistics and quarantine) closed by dmorton
invalid: Please utilize the mailing list for support questions.
09:33 Ticket #263 (Create an autoconf-like installation script) created by rjl
With a proper install script, a number of installation parameters …
08:55 Ticket #262 (Customize the truncate feature in the Smarty template files) created by rjl
I've now received four requests from upgrading RC5 users who don't like …
04:29 Ticket #261 (empty Statistics and quarantine) created by xtomp@…
I had installed Fedora 4 with postfix + amavis-new and maia mailguard. I …


17:05 Ticket #260 (Store path to database.cfg for the perl scripts in the DB) closed by rjl
invalid: Nice idea, but how would the Perl scripts know how to connect to the …
15:26 Ticket #260 (Store path to database.cfg for the perl scripts in the DB) created by Ed <maia@…>
Would it possibly be useful for others to change the configuration …


22:08 Ticket #259 (OS X Compatibility problem; Class 'DB' not found) created by Ed <maia@…
07:58 Changeset [937] by dmorton

1.0 Branch: merge [936] Attempting to provide more information when ...

07:54 Changeset [936] by dmorton

Trunk: Attempting to provide more information when DB.php is not in ...


11:28 Ticket #180 (configtest.php - Net_SMTP check needs to be minimum version 1.1) closed by dmorton
fixed: [903]
10:09 Ticket #138 (configtest.php check for mysql or postgresql support in php) closed by dmorton
fixed: trunk [934] and 1.0 branch [935]
10:08 Changeset [935] by dmorton

1.0 Branch: ref #138 merge [934] adding test for mysql or pgsql in ...

10:05 Changeset [934] by dmorton

Trunk: ref #138 - adding test for mysql or pgsql in configtest.php

09:31 Ticket #242 (LDAPv3 option) closed by dmorton
fixed: fixed: trunk [931] and 1.0 branch [932]
09:30 Changeset [933] by dmorton

1.0 Branch: ref #242 and merge trunk [932] - adding optional config ...

09:28 Changeset [932] by dmorton

Trunk: fixes #242 - adding optional config variables to set LDAP version ...

09:14 Ticket #58 (Folded subject lines are truncated after the first line) closed by dmorton
fixed: Fixed in [930] and [931]
09:13 Changeset [931] by dmorton

1.0 branch: merge [930] reference #58 store multi-line subject properly

07:31 Changeset [930] by dmorton

Trunk: fix for #58, provided by Motoharu Kubo. Store multiline subjects ...

07:24 Ticket #98 (Add a minimal, basic sample, amavisd.conf for newbies) closed by anonymous
fixed: fixed in [915]


16:06 Ticket #244 (Update amavisd-maia) reopened by anonymous
Has this been looked at again?


13:19 Ticket #258 (update script: weird character in themes table breaks script) created by dmorton
I think this may have been a data encoding problem... From the mailing …
13:14 Ticket #257 (configtest.pl doesn't check for Template perl module) closed by dmorton
fixed: fixed [928](trunk) and [929](1.0)
13:13 Changeset [929] by dmorton

1.0 branch: fixes #257, merges trunk [928]

13:10 Changeset [928] by dmorton

Trunk: references #257 - added Template::Toolkit check in configtest.php.

02:35 Ticket #257 (configtest.pl doesn't check for Template perl module) created by anonymous
The Template perl module required in scripts/send-quarantine-digests.pl is …


15:44 Changeset [927] by dmorton

1.0 branch: merge trunk [926]

15:41 Changeset [926] by dmorton

Trunk: de locale update: text_digest_interval

15:09 Ticket #256 ([PATCH] popup-mailview patch from Motoharu Kubo) created by dmorton
from the maia-devel list: I finished popup-mail view and tested in …
15:06 Ticket #255 (put optional smarty location in config.php) created by dmorton
Since some distros (Debian) put smarty in nonstandard locations, we could …
14:46 Ticket #254 (system wide minimum digest interval) created by dmorton
Since it would be possible to set the digest to run daily, we need a way …
06:42 Ticket #252 (Undefined index: lang_header_viruses) closed by dmorton
fixed: ok, did that, should work this time.
06:41 Changeset [925] by dmorton

1.0 branch: reference: #252, merge [924] from trunk

06:35 Changeset [924] by dmorton

Trunk: #252 revisited. Don't know what I was seeing on previous commits


20:24 Ticket #252 (Undefined index: lang_header_viruses) reopened by maia@…
I get the same error with r923. I think the problem was that there was an …
14:47 Ticket #252 (Undefined index: lang_header_viruses) closed by dmorton
fixed: updated in [922] and [923], in line for 1.0.1 release
14:46 Changeset [923] by dmorton

1.0 branch: typo reference #252, merged trunk r[922]

14:33 Changeset [922] by dmorton

trunk: typo fix, related to #252

14:15 Ticket #115 (Add the ability to adjust page size for domain-default and system-default ...) closed by dmorton
worksforme: Admin->users->Find Users->*->@.->settings
13:52 Ticket #24 (Provide complete start-to-finish walk-through instructions) closed by dmorton
13:50 Ticket #110 (Add tracking for statistics on a per-domain basis) closed by dmorton
fixed: This is the whole point behind the 1.1 branch.
10:57 Ticket #253 (Copy maia_users defaults to new users from domain default) created by dmorton
the digest interval needs a way to set it to inherit from a set default, …


10:58 Ticket #252 (Undefined index: lang_header_viruses) created by maia@…
When viewing the viruses that have been quarentined, the following notice …
09:02 Changeset [921] by dmorton

1.0.0 tag release

09:02 Changeset [920] by dmorton

work structure, going to try again

09:00 Changeset [919] by dmorton

1.0 branch to use for updates to the 1.0.x line.

08:58 Changeset [918] by dmorton

language packs can be found under this tag

08:55 Changeset [917] by dmorton

1.0.0 release

08:54 Changeset [916] by dmorton

Creating 1.0.0 tag for release

08:48 Changeset [915] by dmorton

Trunk: to become 1.0.0, modified to remove INSTALL docs and add reference ...

05:20 Ticket #85 (Postgres SQL and database.cfg) closed by rjl
04:31 VirusScannerConfig edited by rjl
04:29 VirusScannerConfig created by rjl
02:50 Changeset [914] by rjl

Updated version string to 1.0.0

02:35 UpgradingFromRC5To1_0 created by rjl


23:24 SAConfigFile created by rjl
23:12 FAQ edited by rjl
23:10 AmavisConfigFile edited by rjl
22:46 ChangesIn1_0 edited by rjl
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20:39 Changeset [913] by dmorton

Trunk: Check for Smarty installation

20:14 Changeset [912] by dmorton
20:07 AmavisConfigFile created by dmorton
20:06 FAQ edited by dmorton
20:06 FAQ edited by dmorton
19:40 Changeset [911] by dmorton

Trunk: changing Smarty support - removing Smarty from Maia distribution. ...


10:04 Changeset [910] by dmorton

Trunk: digests wouldn't show negative score. Fixed regex.


08:41 LoadRulesConfig created by dmorton
08:37 FAQ edited by dmorton
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