and .


07:51 Ticket #222 ([PATCH] maia_mail_recipients "orphans") created by shalligan@…
expire_quarantine.pl will delete orphan maia_mail items, items that …


14:37 Ticket #143 (return values for smtp_send) closed by dmorton
fixed: I think this is fixed in [644]
14:34 Changeset [645] by dmorton

fixes slight bug in bad header numbers

14:23 Changeset [644] by dmorton

slightly better error checking when sending an admin email. Please help ...


22:50 Changeset [643] by rjl

Removed unnecessary DISTINCT clause from queries


16:17 Ticket #197 (Bad connection string in SQL authentication allows bogus users to login) closed by jleaver
fixed: Fixed. Changed: $authenticated = (!($email === false)); to: …
16:13 Changeset [642] by jleaver

Fix for ticket 192, bad query string for sql auth allows anyone to log in.

16:13 Changeset [641] by jleaver

Fix for ticket 192, bad query string for sql auth allows anyone to log in.

12:20 Changeset [640] by jleaver

Added about text in locale/en/login.php and logout.php. Added smarty load ...

11:10 Changeset [639] by jleaver

updated to merge trunk revisions 629 to 638

10:54 Changeset [638] by jleaver

locale file for srh's xadminusers stats improvement

10:42 Changeset [637] by jleaver

srh's xadminusers stats improvement


13:56 Ticket #220 (Mail_MIME minimum requirement) closed by jleaver
fixed: Added version checking.
13:55 Changeset [636] by jleaver

Added version checking for Mail_Mime to configtest.php


07:52 Ticket #221 (Add date information to maintenance scripts to make logging more useful) created by Ryan Delany
I configured all the maintenance scripts to log to my /var/log directory …


12:02 Ticket #165 (magic quotes) closed by dmorton
worksforme: magic_quotes_gpc is on in my install, with no goofiness that I can see. I …


22:38 Ticket #220 (Mail_MIME minimum requirement) created by dmorton
need to make minimum requirement for Mail_MIME to be 1.3.0
19:24 Ticket #168 (implode() error in welcome.php) closed by fergrorke@…
fixed: Turns out my config.php was missing the entire $protection variable …


06:23 Ticket #219 (BLACK LIST) created by kateg@…
Although I have repeatedly flagged certain domains as not being spam, …


14:51 Changeset [635] by dmorton

changing language from "ham" to "non-spam" because too many people don't ...

13:19 Ticket #218 (Expand the number of characters in the subject field in ham/spam cache) created by Ryan Delany
Currently, if you are viewing a ham/spam cache for an individual account …


14:05 Changeset [634] by dmorton

ok, I think we got the right check now.... fixes #178

Also, need to make ...

13:35 Changeset [633] by jleaver

Update mime.php to fix parts checker code

12:31 Ticket #157 (Net::DNS minimum requirement) closed by jleaver
fixed: Adjusted configtest.pl to check for Net::DNS version.
12:30 Changeset [632] by jleaver

Updated configtest.pl to check Net::DNS version, per ticket 157

12:19 Ticket #172 ([PATCH] Change from wording "Ham" to "Non-Spam") closed by jleaver
fixed: I've done a basic once-over on all the locale/en/ files, changing ham to …
12:19 Changeset [631] by jleaver

EN locale changes related to ticket #172

10:48 Ticket #178 (undefined variable parts) closed by jleaver
fixed: I've added a three-liner to the multipart handler in mime.php, if there …
10:43 Changeset [630] by jleaver

updating leve4 branch with trunk changes from 599 to 629

10:25 Changeset [629] by jleaver

Fix for ticket 178

10:10 Ticket #145 (db-update.php missing in locale/de) closed by dmorton
fixed: removed all db-update.php in [628]
10:08 Changeset [628] by dmorton

deleting obsolete files, per ticket #145


21:22 Ticket #78 (localized alt tags) closed by dmorton
worksforme: seems to be locale references in the menu links…


22:01 Ticket #209 (Quarantine shows evelope from address, but item view shows From: header) closed by dmorton
duplicate: duplicate of #21
09:34 Ticket #217 (Prevent domain admin from making changes to protection levels) created by Ryan Delany
I would like to prevent a domain admin from disabling virus/spam/blocked …
09:29 Ticket #216 (Easier access to catch-all viewer) created by Ryan Delany
I would like the ability to get to the catch-all (@domain.com) ham/spam …
09:26 Ticket #215 (Click on individual statistics) created by Ryan Delany
I notice in the System Stats view, you can click on a few titles and be …
09:24 Ticket #214 (Limit user account creation) created by Ryan Delany
I would like the ability to impose a limit on how many accounts a domain …
09:20 Ticket #213 (Easier way to create spam trap accounts) created by Ryan Delany
I would like the ability to create a spam-trap account with one click from …
09:19 Ticket #212 (Executive Summary Reports) created by Ryan Delany
I am using Maia to offer a mail filtering service to my customers. It …
07:28 Ticket #211 ([PATCH] last changes in fr locale) closed by dmorton
fixed: updated in [627]... Thanks
07:27 Changeset [627] by dmorton

locale update for charts. closes #211


23:49 Ticket #211 ([PATCH] last changes in fr locale) created by Christophe Cuq <ccuq@…>
Last change in stats.php for locale fr. See .diff attached
10:51 Ticket #159 (Disabled domains still catching mail) closed by dmorton
fixed: Closing, I assume that worked.
09:53 Ticket #199 (address rewriting) closed by dmorton
invalid: with $address_rewriting_type = 4; I get a username and email that are the …
08:37 Ticket #210 (Feature Request - rescue confirmed items) created by jleaver
User has requested the ability to rescue confirmed items. We might want …
08:32 Ticket #209 (Quarantine shows evelope from address, but item view shows From: header) created by jleaver
I had a user complain that under certain circumstances, the from address …
08:30 Ticket #205 (login probleam) closed by dmorton
invalid: try asking on the mailing list…
08:29 Ticket #208 (Packet too large) closed by dmorton
invalid: Be sure you restart mysql... Try asking on the mailing list... I don't …
08:27 Ticket #207 (amavis SA TIMED OUT) closed by dmorton
invalid: sounds like you have a DB that is locked, probably just too much …
08:16 Ticket #204 (Address linking with IMAP auth bypass authentification even if a bad ...) closed by dmorton
fixed: [626]
08:11 Changeset [626] by dmorton

updated to match changes to auth routine in [587]

fixes #204


17:35 Ticket #208 (Packet too large) created by angelorecto2000@…
My configuration for mysql in /etc/my.cnf …


19:16 Ticket #206 (process-quarantine.pl - razor2 report failed) closed by anonymous
worksforme: This is not a problem with maia but a problem with your razor …


23:49 Ticket #207 (amavis SA TIMED OUT) created by segr@…
I'm getting a weird error all of a sudden on a amavisd-maia setup from …
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