Mar 27, 2005:

1:46 AM Ticket #202 (tables in viewmail.php) created by anonymous
I just received some spam with some html tables in it... when viewing …

Mar 23, 2005:

2:25 AM Ticket #201 (Problem with linked e-mail accounts) created by dnauck
somtimes i've problems with linked e-mail accounts -> attachment rev …

Mar 21, 2005:

7:12 PM Ticket #200 (Only keep suspected ham above a threshold) created by julien.goodwin@…
We're finding that over 99% of messages that score below -2 in …
7:53 AM Ticket #198 ([PATCH] Changeset [617] de - locale patch) closed by dmorton
fixed: applied in [625]
7:51 AM Changeset [625] by dmorton
de local patch applied. ref: #198

Mar 20, 2005:

4:25 PM Ticket #199 (address rewriting) created by dnauck
I'm using Postfix, so $address_rewriting_type is set to Option 0. All …
3:48 AM Ticket #198 ([PATCH] Changeset [617] de - locale patch) created by dnauck
Changeset [617] de - locale patch

Mar 19, 2005:

2:09 PM Ticket #197 (Bad connection string in SQL authentication allows bogus users to login) created by rjl
As reported by James Corteciano and Brian McDonald?, a typo in the …
1:33 PM Ticket #196 (Better error-handling for unreadable encryption key files) created by rjl
If the Blowfish key file (typically blowfish.key) is present but …
1:29 PM Ticket #195 (Don't reminder notices from being sent to users who have disabled ...) created by rjl
As reported by Greg Woods, reminder notices are still being issued to …

Mar 9, 2005:

1:19 PM Changeset [624] by rjl
Better error-handling for process-quarantine-sub.pl

Mar 8, 2005:

3:33 PM Changeset [623] by rjl
Fixed typo in text description (Mailgaurd -> Mailguard)
6:45 AM Changeset [622] by dmorton
setting subversion properties on the file, which control the …

Mar 7, 2005:

2:58 PM Changeset [621] by rjl
Fixed execute permissions on process-quarantine-sub.pl
1:52 PM Ticket #194 (amavisd-new 2.2.1 and amavisd-maia.patch) closed by segr@…
fixed: Thanks, that was in the problem indeed. I used the following command …
8:19 AM Changeset [620] by dmorton
Don't need to specify both KEY and UNIQUE for index keys in table …

Mar 6, 2005:

4:56 PM Ticket #194 (amavisd-new 2.2.1 and amavisd-maia.patch) created by segr@…
I believe I may have stumbled across a problem with the amavisd-maia …
4:49 PM Ticket #96 (Add lockfile to process-quarantine.pl) closed by rjl
fixed: Fixed in …
4:47 PM Changeset [619] by rjl
Fixed Tickets 96 and 190, added configurable run-limits

Mar 3, 2005:

1:01 PM SpamAssassin3SQLBayes edited by dmorton
minor typo... thanks Stephan! (diff)
12:39 PM Changeset [618] by dmorton
Adding a new authentication method, called "external". Write your own …
12:03 PM Changeset [617] by dmorton
locale addition for stats chart legend
11:38 AM Changeset [616] by dmorton
small typo in tempaltes, caused wrong display of banned attachment settings
11:25 AM Changeset [615] by dmorton
updating copyright info comments
11:17 AM Changeset [614] by dmorton
redefining tags so that stats colors match

Mar 2, 2005:

8:21 PM Changeset [613] by dmorton
start of stats chart. This is proof of concept only, there are some …
3:58 PM Changeset [612] by dmorton
changed caption for chart rules... need to localize this…
12:19 PM Changeset [611] by dmorton
New chart support! Maia is moving to a new library, PEAR's …
8:48 AM Ticket #193 (configurable session timeout) closed by dmorton
fixed: implemented in [610], although more configurability may be desired in …
8:42 AM Changeset [610] by dmorton
adding support for configurable session timeout. set …

Feb 28, 2005:

5:36 PM Ticket #193 (configurable session timeout) created by dmorton
It would be nice to be able to config the session timeout period, for …
8:29 AM Ticket #192 (download item as file) created by dmorton
It might be handy to be able to download any message from Maia as a …
2:30 AM Changeset [609] by rjl
Fixed themes/*/welcome.tpl, needed </tr> tag instead of <tr>

Feb 27, 2005:

3:03 PM Ticket #191 (Fix initial default for mail items, so that they're not assumed to be ham) created by rjl
When a mail item is first received by amavisd, it gets assigned a …
2:53 PM Ticket #190 (Add command-line options to the Perl scripts) created by rjl
Some of the configurable behaviour of the various Perl scripts (e.g. …
2:41 PM Ticket #189 (Add accuracy stats for SpamAssassin rules) created by rjl
We already track the SpamAssassin rules that are triggered by a given …
11:36 AM Ticket #188 (stats INT is too small) created by dmorton
It quite conceivable for size stats to exceed 2 GB in today's world. …
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