Feb 28, 2005:

5:36 PM Ticket #193 (configurable session timeout) created by dmorton
It would be nice to be able to config the session timeout period, for …
8:29 AM Ticket #192 (download item as file) created by dmorton
It might be handy to be able to download any message from Maia as a …
2:30 AM Changeset [609] by rjl
Fixed themes/*/welcome.tpl, needed </tr> tag instead of <tr>

Feb 27, 2005:

3:03 PM Ticket #191 (Fix initial default for mail items, so that they're not assumed to be ham) created by rjl
When a mail item is first received by amavisd, it gets assigned a …
2:53 PM Ticket #190 (Add command-line options to the Perl scripts) created by rjl
Some of the configurable behaviour of the various Perl scripts (e.g. …
2:41 PM Ticket #189 (Add accuracy stats for SpamAssassin rules) created by rjl
We already track the SpamAssassin rules that are triggered by a given …
11:36 AM Ticket #188 (stats INT is too small) created by dmorton
It quite conceivable for size stats to exceed 2 GB in today's world. …

Feb 24, 2005:

3:34 PM Ticket #187 (Add superadmin functions to reset Bayes and AWL databases) created by rjl
The superadmin may occasionally need to be able to purge a corrupt …
4:38 AM Ticket #62 (login failure cryptic message) closed by fergrorke@…
fixed: Thanks for the pointer. I loaded RC6 and this problem has disappeared.

Feb 22, 2005:

9:13 AM Changeset [608] by dmorton
session message was not always being unset. Changing it to "" to …

Feb 21, 2005:

4:24 AM Ticket #62 (login failure cryptic message) reopened by fergrorke@…
I get a similar message when trying to login:- Warning: imap_open(): …

Feb 18, 2005:

7:26 AM Ticket #186 (PHP error on Corrupted Email Cache page) created by anonymous
PHP error box appeared with following message: 2005-02-17 14:17:46 …
5:56 AM Ticket #185 (PHP Error: Undefined variable: primary_email_id in settings.php 552) created by maia@…
( user@… is admin for @testdomain.dom ) login as …

Feb 17, 2005:

6:11 AM Ticket #184 (Spam Message display in Mail Viewer goes 'out of bounds') created by fines@…
Spam email viewed in Maia Mail Viewer manages to put one of its images …

Feb 15, 2005:

1:35 PM Changeset [607] by dmorton
typo in last commit
1:33 PM Changeset [606] by dmorton
including warining about php5.0.3 bug

Feb 13, 2005:

11:59 AM Ticket #183 (Add support for mysqli databases) created by rjl
As of MySQL 4.1, a new database type called "mysqli" was added. …

Feb 12, 2005:

12:24 PM Changeset [605] by dmorton
removing uneeded files
12:20 PM Changeset [604] by dmorton
de locale change, to match [600]
10:36 AM Ticket #181 ([PATCH] New item in locale/fr/domainsettings.php (rev 600)) closed by dmorton
fixed: ref [603]
10:34 AM Changeset [603] by dmorton
fr locale patch, ref #181
6:24 AM Ticket #182 (New option for users ) created by Christophe Cuq <ccuq@…>
Hi, I found that it is impossible for users to decide if they do want …
6:18 AM Ticket #181 ([PATCH] New item in locale/fr/domainsettings.php (rev 600)) created by Christophe Cuq <ccuq@…>
New item in locale/fr/domainsettings.php (rev 602) David, could it be …

Feb 11, 2005:

8:25 PM Changeset [602] by dmorton
small typo, WRT bad_header setings
2:32 PM Changeset [601] by dmorton
admin users page was adding two user/policy entries when not using …
2:28 PM Changeset [600] by dmorton
adding support to edit theme defaults. When editing a domain default, …
12:13 PM Ticket #180 (configtest.php - Net_SMTP check needs to be minimum version 1.1) created by lists@…
Net_SMTP requires minimum version 1.1, or else the …
11:47 AM Changeset [599] by dmorton
updating leve4 branch with trunk changes from 572 to 598
10:25 AM Changeset [598] by dmorton
nl locale update by maia at hoekstra dot nu ref: #173
10:14 AM Ticket #176 (when editing settings for domain, cannot enable auto user creation) closed by dmorton
fixed: Yes, and it appears that this only affect the default theme, the test1 …
10:13 AM Changeset [597] by dmorton
cut and paste typo, fixes #176

Feb 9, 2005:

1:26 PM Ticket #179 (auth_mysql reuses same connection handle) created by dmorton
If auth_mysql uses the same username and password as the maia dsn, …
12:48 PM Ticket #177 (Domain level control) closed by dmorton
invalid: no problem... :)
9:42 AM Changeset [596] by dmorton
small comment/documentation change in get_user_id.
9:31 AM Changeset [595] by dmorton
correct number of argumaents to get_user_id.
7:05 AM Ticket #178 (undefined variable parts) created by Ed <maia@…>
When previewing a particular spam item: […]
6:38 AM Ticket #177 (Domain level control) created by david.smalley@…
Just to give me an idea before I start looking into it, how easy would …

Feb 8, 2005:

4:20 PM Ticket #174 (discard_ham and enable_user_autocreation don't follow system default) closed by dmorton
fixed: theme_id and discard_ham added in [594]
4:19 PM Changeset [594] by dmorton
added support to copy system default (@.) settings to new domains as …
4:01 PM Changeset [593] by dmorton
adding support to allow enable_user_autocreation to be inherited from …
3:08 PM Ticket #156 (Undefined variables (auth_imap_address_type, bad_header_lover) and ...) closed by dmorton
fixed: See [592]
3:08 PM Changeset [592] by dmorton
minor typos, undefined variables. Fixes #156
2:57 PM Changeset [591] by dmorton
refactoring: combined redundant code.
1:48 PM Changeset [590] by dmorton
refactoring code: breaking domain addition into library call
12:58 PM Changeset [589] by dmorton
removed redundant code into already existing library call.
12:47 PM Ticket #176 (when editing settings for domain, cannot enable auto user creation) created by me@…
Current trunk. When I choose a domain, I can't seem to enable user …
11:49 AM Ticket #175 (changing the values of a button using a local.php file in a custom ...) created by lists@…
I have created a custom theme, and followed the directions in the FAQ …
10:43 AM Ticket #174 (discard_ham and enable_user_autocreation don't follow system default) created by dmorton
From Chris Wopat: […]
10:02 AM Changeset [588] by dmorton
removed spurious debug statement
1:35 AM Ticket #173 ([PATCH] Language incorrectly loaded, translation for dutch, dutch ...) created by maia at hoekstra dot nu
When going to settings, selecting a new language, all goes fine. When …

Feb 7, 2005:

7:27 PM Ticket #170 (imap_open is slow to authenticate) closed by dmorton
fixed: I think the new procedure is working.
10:18 AM Changeset [587] by dmorton
adding better error reporting for some login procedures. Using …
2:55 AM Ticket #116 (login.php shows nothing at all. empty, no errors) closed by anonymous
fixed: Seemed to be a rights problem. Not a problem anymore, sigh.. /me feels …

Feb 6, 2005:

1:26 PM Changeset [586] by dmorton
New libraries for POP3 and IMAP authentication, using PEAR's Net_IMAP …

Feb 4, 2005:

11:06 AM Changeset [585] by dmorton
fixed logic so that error condition can actually be shown.
10:54 AM Changeset [584] by dmorton
relocate message initialization…
10:49 AM Changeset [583] by dmorton
One more try at this variable name…
10:38 AM Changeset [582] by dmorton
typo... continuing to improve error code checking
10:37 AM Changeset [581] by dmorton
additional error code checks
10:22 AM Changeset [580] by dmorton
added error check to tableInfo()
10:08 AM Changeset [579] by dmorton
another typo
10:06 AM Changeset [578] by dmorton
missing constant and typo
8:28 AM Ticket #172 ([PATCH] Change from wording "Ham" to "Non-Spam") created by jwgreene@…
Since the word Ham seems to not have caught on, I request we change it …

Feb 3, 2005:

10:36 AM Ticket #171 (Mail loop problem) closed by dmorton
invalid: Sounds like you need to fix your return MTA, as if it is splitting an …
12:42 AM Ticket #171 (Mail loop problem) created by pierre.chevallier@…
Hi, i've got a problem with mailguard : some of the mail received are …

Feb 1, 2005:

5:28 PM Ticket #87 (Problem rescuing mail tagged as spam.) closed by Ed <maia@…>
fixed: The problem seems to have been fixed with the newer versions. It's …
3:18 PM Ticket #167 (undefined variable in adminuser) closed by dmorton
duplicate: yeah, I just noticed that... DUP of #156 - CLOSED

Jan 31, 2005:

9:25 AM Ticket #170 (imap_open is slow to authenticate) created by dmorton
php's imap_open, which is used for both imap and pop3 auth, lists the …
9:22 AM Ticket #169 (auth_rewriting_type, login credentials, imap and pop3 inconsistant) created by dmorton
Maia is not handling login credential consistantly. Usig type, 0, …
6:50 AM Ticket #168 (implode() error in welcome.php) created by dmorton
From Jan Arve Nygård: […]
6:27 AM Ticket #166 (domain admin cannot see all users under all domains) closed by dmorton
fixed: see [577]
6:25 AM Changeset [577] by dmorton
Moved some smarty assigns and arrays to outside of the loops that are …
6:13 AM Ticket #167 (undefined variable in adminuser) created by dmorton
When adding new user via admin user panel: […]
6:12 AM Ticket #166 (domain admin cannot see all users under all domains) created by dmorton
When a domain admin goes to the users control panel, they cannot see …
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