and .


21:07 Ticket #120 (amavisd-maia requires Crypt:CBC) created by karl@…
amavisd-maia seems to require Crypt:CBC even if there is no $key_file …
12:49 Changeset [502] by rjl

Bugfix: banned_header_lover should have been bad_header_lover

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23:45 Motto created by rjl
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23:21 Ticket #90 (Add hierarchical whitelists/blacklists) closed by rjl
fixed: This is the built-in default behaviour in amavisd-new 2.x. The whitelists …
23:16 SpamAssassin3SQLBayes edited by rjl
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23:10 Ticket #106 (Banned filenames are not being recorded properly) closed by rjl
fixed: Fixed in Changeset …
23:07 Changeset [501] by rjl

Bugfix: banned attachment filenames were incorrectly recorded

14:19 Ticket #107 ((last) undefined variable) closed by dmorton
fixed: attachmetn-quarantine and settings fixed in [500]
14:17 Changeset [500] by dmorton

fix undefined variable warnings.

14:10 Changeset [499] by dmorton

nother fix to undefined variable 'name'

14:06 Changeset [498] by dmorton

fix undefined variable

12:55 Changeset [497] by dmorton

If a user is listed in Maia, then I think most people would assume ...

12:23 Changeset [496] by dmorton

small typo, lookup needs a 0 or 1 as the first parameter. This ...

08:14 Ticket #119 (New amavisd-news (amavisd-new-20040701-rc5) ) closed by dmorton
invalid: if you look at the history, you'd see that this has already been done in …
07:58 Ticket #119 (New amavisd-news (amavisd-new-20040701-rc5) ) created by renaud@…
A new version of amavisd-new came out on July. The actual patch is for the …


12:35 Changeset [495] by rjl

Bugfix: JpGraph? path setting in configtest.php

11:46 Ticket #117 (php5 & jpgraph) closed by rjl
invalid: Graphical chart support is not implemented yet, so there's no code that …
11:26 Ticket #118 (Security hole in ximpersonate.php allows domain admins to administer other ...) closed by rjl
fixed: Fixed in changesets …
11:22 Ticket #118 (Security hole in ximpersonate.php allows domain admins to administer other ...) created by rjl
Chris Wopat recently reported a small but significant vulnerability in …
11:21 Changeset [494] by rjl

Minor correction ( -> )

11:19 Changeset [493] by rjl

Bugfix: plugged security hole in ximpersonate.php

10:40 Ticket #117 (php5 & jpgraph) created by david.smalley@…
Hi, I've got Maia successfully running under php5 (needed for mysqli …


22:06 Changeset [492] by dmorton

wrong way to get table info... select * from xxxxxx can try to read entire ...


14:30 Ticket #116 (login.php shows nothing at all. empty, no errors) created by maia at hoekstra dot nu
My apologies if I am posting wrongly here... I just tried the trunk …
12:48 Changeset [491] by dmorton

added some indexes that were in the install sql file but missing from ...

11:51 Ticket #107 ((last) undefined variable) reopened by dnauck
Next one: 2004-12-08 20:44:44 (CET) 8 Notice Undefined variable: …


12:30 InnoDB edited by Jarod Wilson
10:15 Ticket #115 (Add the ability to adjust page size for domain-default and system-default ...) created by rjl
Regular users can adjust the number of items that appear on each page of a …


18:12 Ticket #114 (Installing maia using fedora 3. Having issues with pear:DB and Pear:log) created by jlitzelman@…
Both Pear:DB and Pear.Log installed but configtest.php not recognizing …


07:44 MaiaSubversion edited by anonymous
07:43 MaiaSubversion edited by anonymous


10:08 Ticket #101 (maia-mysql.sql does not work with MySql 4.1.xx) closed by anonymous
fixed: This issue was fixed in Changeset …


22:10 PassThrough edited by rjl
18:09 Changeset [490] by rjl

Bugfix: Removed unnecessary domain_id parameter from ...

17:14 PassThrough created by rjl
17:05 FAQ edited by rjl


13:00 Ticket #113 (Enable auto-creation of user accounts master switch) created by dmorton
The system setting for "Enable auto-creation of user accounts" is the …


13:21 Ticket #107 ((last) undefined variable) closed by dmorton
fixed: fixed in [489]
13:20 Changeset [489] by dmorton

typo fix, undefined variables.


13:41 Ticket #112 (ERROR 1067 (42000) at line 76: Invalid default value for 'id') closed by rjl
invalid: Use the maia-mysql.sql script from the subversion repository. This …
13:32 Ticket #112 (ERROR 1067 (42000) at line 76: Invalid default value for 'id') created by anonymous
Hi! I'm trying to create the Maia database with the following …
00:22 Ticket #111 (Silent mode for process-quarantine.pl) created by gilf@…
process-quarantine.pl will inform ham and spam learning and reporting even …


20:49 Ticket #110 (Add tracking for statistics on a per-domain basis) created by rjl
Stats are currently tracked on a per-user basis, but since a user account …
18:17 Ticket #109 (expand/hide button for triggered rule list) created by dmorton
When viewing an individual message, the list of rules triggered can take …
11:53 Ticket #108 (updatescript for changeset [488] ?) created by dnauck
what about an upgradescript/readme for changeset [488] ?
04:29 Changeset [488] by rjl

Added SpamAssassin 3.x tables, themes, and MySQL 4.1 support


23:34 Changeset [487] by rjl

Corrected some corrupted images


03:48 Ticket #107 ((last) undefined variable) created by dnauck
2004-11-20 12:43:19 (CET) 8 Notice Undefined variable: maxheaderid …


09:35 Changeset [486] by dmorton

cvs2svn conversion messed up the binary format - here's some ...


22:24 TracWelcome edited by anonymous
22:24 TracWelcome edited by anonymous


20:11 Ticket #103 (Probelm with @domain address still caching ham and viruses when told not ...) closed by rjl
fixed: The problem should be fixed now (changeset …
19:50 Changeset [485] by rjl

Ticket 103: maia_discard_if_requested() now supports domain-default and ...

17:59 Changeset [484] by dmorton

minor changes to validate properly, moved javascript to seperate file.


11:09 Ticket #104 (Missing Wording after confirming Spam) closed by dmorton
fixed: I think this was fixed in [457] through [468] in the trunk.
07:31 Ticket #106 (Banned filenames are not being recorded properly) created by rjl
As reported by Mike Oh: […]
05:08 Ticket #105 (Need changes for Quarantine and Ham Cache to not loose what is marked when ...) created by jwgreene@…
When you are in the Ham Cache, or Quarantine and you start choosing spam, …
05:05 Ticket #104 (Missing Wording after confirming Spam) created by jwgreene@…
After going in the quarantine and clicking on what is spam and non spam. …


18:35 Ticket #103 (Probelm with @domain address still caching ham and viruses when told not ...) created by jwgreene@…
Seems that our @domain account is still caching ham and viruses even …


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Added note about Debian (diff)
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