and .


11:09 Ticket #104 (Missing Wording after confirming Spam) closed by dmorton
fixed: I think this was fixed in [457] through [468] in the trunk.
07:31 Ticket #106 (Banned filenames are not being recorded properly) created by rjl
As reported by Mike Oh: […]
05:08 Ticket #105 (Need changes for Quarantine and Ham Cache to not loose what is marked when ...) created by jwgreene@…
When you are in the Ham Cache, or Quarantine and you start choosing spam, …
05:05 Ticket #104 (Missing Wording after confirming Spam) created by jwgreene@…
After going in the quarantine and clicking on what is spam and non spam. …


18:35 Ticket #103 (Probelm with @domain address still caching ham and viruses when told not ...) created by jwgreene@…
Seems that our @domain account is still caching ham and viruses even …


09:13 BuildPHPWithMcrypt edited by dmorton


14:15 BuildPHPWithMcrypt edited by maia@…
Added note about Debian (diff)


17:56 Changeset [483] by dmorton

removed leading '/' from overlib url

14:53 Changeset [482] by dmorton

missing smarty display command

12:34 MaiaMailingLists edited by dmorton
we can count, honest! (diff)
12:30 ReportingErrors edited by dmorton
12:29 WikiStart edited by dmorton
12:27 ReportingErrors created by dmorton
12:11 MaiaMailingLists created by dmorton
11:56 FAQ edited by dmorton
11:54 WikiStart edited by dmorton
removed silly nonsense edit (diff)
09:19 WikiStart edited by anonymous


09:03 Changeset [481] by rjl

Untainted arguments to maia_record_tests()


15:28 Ticket #16 (Adapt amavisd-maia to amavisd-new 2.x) closed by rjl
fixed: Added support for amavisd-new 2.2.0 in changeset …
07:58 Changeset [480] by rjl

Adapted Maia to amavisd-new 2.2.0


12:44 Ticket #102 (PHP scripts do not store configured SA thresholds) closed by rjl
wontfix: This is not a bug, but an intentional feature added in RC5--Maia forces …
11:48 Ticket #102 (PHP scripts do not store configured SA thresholds) created by avernon
The PHP scripts that interface with the database's policy table do not …


00:16 Ticket #101 (maia-mysql.sql does not work with MySql 4.1.xx) created by aarons at tdtech dot net
The table definitions in maia-mysql.sql contain default values in columns …


08:11 Ticket #100 (When customers log off, and back on, L's show up instead of words email ...) created by jwgreene@…
When customers log off, and back on, L's show up instead of words email …


11:15 BuildPHPWithMcrypt edited by paul@…
Added link to source (diff)
10:57 BuildPHPWithMcrypt created by paul@…
Added text to the PHP with mcrypt page
10:35 FAQ edited by paul@…
Added link to Building PHP with mcrypt (diff)
09:21 Changeset [479] by dmorton

fixed typo, rule descriptions were not showing up.

09:05 Changeset [478] by dmorton

fixed scope problem

09:04 Changeset [477] by dmorton

make sure locale is loaded for who_am_i function

09:04 Changeset [476] by dmorton

fixed scope problem

08:47 Changeset [475] by dmorton

move variable assignment up to where it is in scope.

08:28 Changeset [474] by dmorton

setting message while variable is still in scope...

08:22 Changeset [473] by dmorton

fixed undefined variables...


17:27 Ticket #99 (Add settings to auto-learn ham or spam at certian thresholds) created by jwgreene@…
Add a setting that does the following: If Quarantined message is at a …
14:23 Ticket #28 (smtp_send() should append CR+LF after each body line) closed by dmorton
fixed: Should be fixed in [472] using PEAR::Net_SMTP
14:22 Ticket #29 (smtp_send() should do proper dot-stuffing) closed by dmorton
fixed: should be fixed in [472] using PEAR::Net_SMTP
14:21 Changeset [472] by dmorton

SMTP fixes. Using Net_SMTP PEAR library - need to have it installed for ...

12:36 Ticket #92 (Efficiency not showing up in statistics page) closed by dmorton
fixed: fixed in [471]
12:35 Changeset [471] by dmorton

fixed efficiency text and value, ticket #92

12:26 Changeset [470] by dmorton

fix global declarations

00:43 Ticket #98 (Add a minimal, basic sample, amavisd.conf for newbies) created by maia@…
To save time and lots questions, newbies would appreciate a "tuned" & …


15:30 Changeset [469] by dmorton

typo, array only needs one global statement...

13:28 Ticket #97 (Let administrators restrict users' ability to adjust filter settings by ...) created by rjl
Maia already lets administrators control whether users can enable/disable …
13:20 Ticket #96 (Add lockfile to process-quarantine.pl) created by rjl
The process-quarantine.pl script should check for the presence of a …
13:17 Ticket #95 (Correlating aliases) closed by rjl
duplicate: This is a duplicate of …
06:36 Ticket #95 (Correlating aliases) created by pbuonora@…
It would be great if maia could read in aliases either from the mta's …


22:28 Changeset [468] by dmorton

found a lot of locales broken from the $lang_x to $lang[x] switch. This ...

22:13 Changeset [467] by dmorton

initial conversion to css styling

13:12 Changeset [466] by dmorton

reverting back to revision [372], this error is more difficult than I ...

13:08 Changeset [465] by dmorton

[457] was wrong, just needed quotes to avoid warning, variable was ...

13:03 Changeset [464] by dmorton

previous $lang typo fix was wrong fix, this should include the proper ...

12:53 Changeset [463] by dmorton

typo to the typo fix.

12:51 Changeset [462] by dmorton

typo, undefined variables. I think this would cause the delete domains ...

12:49 Changeset [461] by dmorton

undefined variable fix. pre initialize $message

12:44 Changeset [460] by dmorton

typo fix, undefined variables. $lang conversion remnant

12:40 Changeset [459] by dmorton

typo, undefined variable fix.

12:29 Changeset [458] by dmorton

'%' sign caused sprintf to complain, changed to word.

Credit: Naucki

12:12 Changeset [457] by dmorton

fixed $lang typo, text_spam_confirmed

12:08 Changeset [456] by dmorton

initialized $message to prevent warning

12:03 Changeset [455] by dmorton

typo lang_text_item changed to langtext_item?

11:59 Changeset [454] by dmorton

typo, missing '$' on magic_quotes

10:33 Changeset [453] by dmorton

added auth_method to smarty variables - fixes undefined variable warning ...

10:24 Changeset [452] by dmorton

euid needed to be set in order to allow primary email address to ...

09:35 Changeset [451] by dmorton

fix view raw button

09:02 Changeset [450] by dmorton

make buttons work in viewmail mode, minor typo fixes.


22:14 Changeset [449] by dmorton

more fixes to the cache action buttons. size is more consistent, same ...

11:22 Changeset [448] by dmorton

trying out alternate style for buttons - html post buttons with both text ...

11:16 Changeset [447] by dmorton

revision [446] was incorrect, need both auth.php and authcheck.php


13:33 Ticket #94 (error messages when username/pass is not valid) closed by dmorton
duplicate: Dup of #62
09:17 Ticket #94 (error messages when username/pass is not valid) created by jwgreene@…
Error messages need to be more descriptive. When adding an email address …


09:35 Ticket #93 (Add ability to click on email and have it whitelisted/blacklisted ...) created by jwgreene@…
If you go to a message in either the quarantine or ham cache, be able to …


09:04 MaiaInstallDeutsch edited by dnauck
changed sa-2.x local.cf params to sa-3.x params (diff)


20:57 Ticket #60 (error linking email address in settings.php) closed by dmorton
fixed: resolved in [446]
20:56 Changeset [446] by dmorton

typo, included wrong file, which broke authorization for addding new email ...

09:57 MaiaInstall edited by joel@…
changed sa-2.x local.cf params to sa-3.x params (diff)
08:12 Ticket #92 (Efficiency not showing up in statistics page) created by jwgreene@…
Efficiency not showing up in statistics page. just shows 0.00% and the …
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