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Use more intuitive column label for releasing items from virus, banned and

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Priority: normal Milestone: 1.0.3
Component: PHP scripts Version: 1.0.2
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The Virus, Banned Attachments, and Invalid Mail Header quarantines offer

columns that allow the user to reclassify an item as "Spam", "Non-Spam", or "Delete". It's not altogether clear that the "Non-Spam" option is the way to release an item from these quarantines--and it's not quite accurate either, since a released virus is still a virus, a banned file is still a banned file, and an item with bad headers still has bad headers, they don't magically become "Non-Spam". A better label for that column might be "Release" or "Rescue".

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Adding to this, it sometimes confuses users to see options for both "Spam" and "Delete", especially if they're coming from environments where they're used to just deleting spam. There's an important difference between what Maia does when an item is marked as "Spam" and when it's marked for "Delete", but that difference can be very subtle to novices. It might be better to replace "Delete" with something like "Not Sure"--after all, that's precisely the scenario in which the "Delete" option should be used.

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[1498] implements this in desert sand theme.

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