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Add a facility to report spam to external organizations by e-mail

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Priority: normal Milestone: 1.1.0
Component: Perl scripts Version: 1.0.1
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The process-quarantine script currently offers the ability to report spam to external organizations like Razor, Pyzor, DCC, and SpamCop, but there may be other organizations the administrator would like to submit spam to as well. For example, in the US the FTC has established a spam-reporting address (, and various US states have their own spam-reporting e-mail addresses, while other countries may have similar spam-submission addresses for their citizens to use. Some corporations and ISPs may similarly wish to have spam submitted to some centralized address for archiving purposes.

What's being proposed, then, is that the Maia administrator be able to specify a list of e-mail addresses in the maia.conf file, mapped to customizable template files, and have confirmed spam encapsulated as an attachment to an e-mail that gets sent to these addresses during the reporting phase of process-quarantine's work. The administrator would also specify the name and e-mail address of the spam contact at his organization, to use for the "From:" header of the generated e-mail, so that any responses can be directed to the proper party.

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It looks like there's a standard emerging for these sorts of reports: ARF,

the Abuse Reporting Format, which ISPs like AOL are starting to use. The MIME::ARF and Mail::ARF modules support this format, and could be useful in conjunction with the process-quarantine script for producing and sending optional abuse reports.

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