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#304 new enhancement

dynamic lookup for downstream MX lookup

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In cases where rescuing an email may need to go to different downstream MX's, we can do a special config case where an email's MX record is examined to find the host to deliver to, but still on the unscanned port.

Of course, the mail server has to be locked down to only accept mail from Maia...

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One big issue with this - If the downstream is delayed, or down, it will

stall amavisd-maia, and then cause the message to be requeued upstream from maia, which means it will be scanned again. This could cause a horrendous backlog for maia to reprocess, cause duplicates in Maia's cache, and possibly bring a server down under load.

I'm leaning against it now; better to use a MTA transport like #392 and let a real MTA handle the delivery.

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