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auth_mysql reuses same connection handle

Reported by: dmorton Owned by: rjl
Priority: normal Milestone: 1.0.1
Component: PHP scripts Version: 1.0.0
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If auth_mysql uses the same username and password as the maia dsn, then the $auth_dbh->disconnect() disconnects the Maia DSN too, resulting in an error when logging in. Somehow we need to detect this and not disconnect, use different credentials, or reconnect as needed.

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Here's an idea: DB::connect takes an optional array as a second parmaeter, in which we can specify persistance, and win the case of mysql, whether to reuse an existing connection or to make a new one.

I think if we use a persistant connection, then the disconnect will not matter, as it will never truly disconnect. The documentation for mysql_close() says:

Using mysql_close() isn't usually necessary, as non-persistent open links are automatically closed at the end of the script's execution.

and later:

Note: mysql_close() will not close persistent links created by mysql_pconnect().

The same appears to be true of postgresql. In light of this, I think removing the disconnect from auth_sql is the easiest fix, though it would also be good to allow a config option to turn on persistant connections.

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Fixed in trunk: [941], [946] and merged into 1.0 branch in [947]

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