Notable changes

Bug Fixes:

  • Stats page links were incorrect
  • possible DB corruption when logging in with linked account
  • fixed slow query in
  • wrapped perl scripts with a pid file check


  • Improved security protections against CSRF attacks
  • enhancements:
    • add linked accounts, from command line, file, or LDIF file
  • Added LDAP TLS option
  • Interface improvements
    • some "ajax" action on the message viewer, you don't lose your work on the list underneath.
    • view and collapse header information, and message part groupings
    • Desert Sand theme switched to "Single checkbox" view instead of 3 radio boxes
    • Improved html filtering using the HTMLPurifier library. Installation of HTMLPurifier is simple with two commands to pear. This improves security against Cross Site scripting attacks

Planned features:

  • Per-email stats and control
    • better stats performance, eliminates recalc loop
    • easier to track activity on linked accounts
    • Login always as primary address

Other major changes:

  • UnitTests
  • Requires PHP 5
  • config file format change
  • (hopefully) a better locale format

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