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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#260 Store path to database.cfg for the perl scripts in the DB rjl enhancement lowest 1.0.1 Perl scripts
#410 Can't open key file /var/spool/amavis/blowfish.key rjl defect lowest General
#465 redeliviering to user dont work rjl defect lowest General
#468 Assistance w/ lost admin psswd ?? rjl cleanup lowest General
#480 After SuSE 10.x update on opening email in Maia causes "Can't open key file ....blowfish.key" error rjl defect lowest Website
#275 Corruption to message in Spam Cache rjl defect low General
#117 php5 & jpgraph rjl defect normal PHP scripts
#119 New amavisd-news (amavisd-new-20040701-rc5) rjl defect normal amavisd-maia
#128 rjl defect normal General
#177 Domain level control rjl defect normal General
#203 Amavis tmp directory anonymous defect normal amavisd-maia
#225 Cant login to imap rjl defect normal General
#230 Not Scanning for Spam or Viruses. rjl defect normal General
#234 Statistic tracking not working rjl defect normal SQL scripts
#245 Spam not quarantined by Maia rjl defect normal amavisd-maia
#256 [PATCH] popup-mailview patch from Motoharu Kubo rjl enhancement normal 1.0.3 PHP scripts
#261 empty Statistics and quarantine rjl defect normal amavisd-maia
#267 Very Confused. Please Help rjl defect normal General
#284 New account (, seems inactive. rjl task normal General
#301 first registration with adminaccount rjl defect normal amavisd-maia
#311 Log.php error on main page (index.php) rjl defect normal PHP scripts
#316 Sorry, I dont know where to put this in except here. rjl defect normal PHP scripts
#322 deleted wiki spam dmorton defect normal General
#324 spam /dev/null defect normal General
#334 Error when debugging amavisd-maia. rjl defect normal General
#338 spam pussy cat doll defect normal General
#345 Maia Mailguard and safe_mode = On rjl defect normal General
#358 Add OCR support rjl enhancement normal 1.1.0 amavisd-maia
#384 trying to move the maia installation onto a new server rjl defect normal General
#390 password loss rjl defect normal General
#395 cleanup removed accounts rjl enhancement normal 1.1.0 Perl scripts
#401 please tell me how a user can retrive their password is it has been lost rjl defect normal General
#402 blank page in list-cache.php?cache_type=?ham / spam / virus / attachement / rjl defect normal PHP scripts
#429 better error checking of key file in php dmorton defect normal 1.0.3 PHP scripts
#438 Maia Mailguard v1.0.2 compatibility with Spam Assassin 3.1.8 rjl enhancement normal General
#439 Passwords are incorrectly being stripped of certain non-text characters dmorton defect normal 1.0.3 PHP scripts
#464 why will all e-mails be saved in the database rjl defect normal General
#472 download latest version rjl defect normal General
#492 unusual constraint error in trunk rjl defect normal 1.1.0 General
#554 configtest for mbstring dmorton defect normal 1.0.3 PHP scripts
#4 Translation updates dmorton defect high 1.0.0 RC6 PHP scripts
#112 ERROR 1067 (42000) at line 76: Invalid default value for 'id' rjl defect high 1.0.0 SQL scripts
#130 Problem with saving rules settings in maia rjl defect high amavisd-maia
#171 Mail loop problem rjl defect high amavisd-maia
#199 address rewriting rjl defect high 1.0.0 RC6 PHP scripts
#207 amavis SA TIMED OUT rjl defect high 1.0.0 RC6 amavisd-maia
#208 Packet too large rjl defect high General
#219 BLACK LIST rjl defect high General
#404 superadmin account is not checked on virusses/etc... rjl defect high General
#411 Maia 1.1-devel 1163 bug in amavis-maia rjl defect high 1.1.0 amavisd-maia
#532 ximpersonate problem with domains mortonda@… defect high 1.0.3 PHP scripts
#81 address_rewriting_type rjl defect highest 1.0.0 RC6 PHP scripts
#205 login probleam rjl defect highest 1.0.0 amavisd-maia
#383 All users dont recieve quarantine digest rjl defect highest Documentation
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