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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#88 Add searchable administrative quarantine that shows all quarantined messages on system rjl defect normal General
#89 Quarantine release from notification email rjl defect normal General
#95 Correlating aliases rjl defect normal General
#99 Add settings to auto-learn ham or spam at certian thresholds rjl enhancement normal 1.1.0 General
#200 Only keep suspected ham above a threshold rjl enhancement normal 1.1.0 General
#209 Quarantine shows evelope from address, but item view shows From: header rjl defect normal General
#229 support Korean (euc-kr) raymond@… defect normal 1.0.3 General
#444 Danish language pack for maia version 1.0.2 rjl enhancement normal 1.0.3 General
#449 Ability to skip message confirmation at a given time. rjl enhancement normal General
#453 bug with FuzzyOCR plugin rjl defect normal General
#473 Easy translation tool dmorton defect low Locale
#68 add ability to auth to multiple imap servers rjl defect normal PHP scripts
#71 label/quarantine/discard funniness rjl defect normal 1.0.0 RC6 PHP scripts
#91 Add whitelist/blacklist import facility rjl enhancement normal 1.0.3 PHP scripts
#94 error messages when username/pass is not valid rjl defect normal 1.0.0 RC6 PHP scripts
#134 locale_fr patch - new/missing symbols added, minor spell and typos corrections rjl defect normal 1.0.0 RC6 PHP scripts
#167 undefined variable in adminuser dmorton defect normal 1.0.0 RC6 PHP scripts
#232 Mail Viewer weirdness rjl defect normal 1.1.0 PHP scripts
#318 Webinteface Error rjl defect normal 1.0.2 PHP scripts
#339 Add a "resend" feature for cached non-spam items rjl enhancement normal 1.0.2 PHP scripts
#425 New German translation! dmorton defect normal 1.0.3 PHP scripts
#451 space in nl locale file dmorton defect normal PHP scripts
#456 html message image not blocked dmorton defect normal 1.0.3 PHP scripts
#460 Doctype not closed in HTML headers dmorton cleanup normal PHP scripts
#268 [PATCH] & Postgresql rjl defect normal Perl scripts
#273 Add mysqli awareness to the maintenance scripts rjl defect normal 1.0.1 Perl scripts
#452 suppress FuzzyOCR warnings rjl defect normal 1.0.3 Perl scripts
#420 Update awl and bayes rjl defect normal 1.0.3 SQL scripts
#17 Reorganize handling of spam threshold scores and destiny mappings rjl defect normal 1.0.0 RC6 amavisd-maia
#53 Let amavisd-maia pass all mail through if no database is accessible rjl enhancement normal 1.1.0 amavisd-maia
#272 Add mysqli awareness to amavisd-maia rjl enhancement normal 1.0.1 amavisd-maia
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