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#97 Let administrators restrict users' ability to adjust filter settings by mail type dmorton defect high PHP scripts
#6 hardcoded user settings ignore admin settings dmorton defect normal 1.1.0 PHP scripts
#15 Add state counters by Message-ID rjl enhancement normal amavisd-maia
#20 Uppercase usernames create new accounts rjl defect normal post-1.0.3 triage General
#48 Add hierarchical banned file attachment lists rjl enhancement normal 1.1.0 amavisd-maia
#56 Move $sa_spam_subject_tag and $sa_local_tests_only to the Maia system configuration table rjl enhancement normal amavisd-maia
#83 Add localization support to rjl defect normal 1.1.0 Perl scripts
#105 Need changes for Quarantine and Ham Cache to not loose what is marked when opening dmorton enhancement normal 1.1.0 PHP scripts
#163 "Consider mail 'spam' score" test seems to actually be >, not >= rjl defect normal 1.1.0 PHP scripts
#164 "Consider mail spam" and "Quarrantine Spam" scores seem to be related? rjl defect normal 1.1.0 PHP scripts
#263 Create an autoconf-like installation script rjl enhancement normal 1.1.0 Perl scripts
#306 PEAR::DB is not properly detected by configtest.php dmorton defect normal PHP scripts
#333 Cron scripts too chatty, need "--quiet" option. rjl enhancement normal 1.1.0 PHP scripts
#414 schema needs update dmorton task normal 1.1.0 General
#36 Verify that a whitelisted address is not also blacklisted dmorton defect low PHP scripts
#54 [PATCH] Auto-link multiple e-mail addresses from an LDAP authentication dmorton enhancement low PHP scripts
#415 Add warning to w/b lists mortonda@… defect low 1.0.3 PHP scripts
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