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#441 Under load amavisd fails with "MySQL server has gone away" new rjl defect highest
#306 PEAR::DB is not properly detected by configtest.php assigned dmorton defect normal
#307 Labeled spam should not be redelivered when marked as ham testing mortonda@… defect normal 1.0.3
#308 sort rulestats by relevance new rjl enhancement normal
#329 Add a facility to report spam to external organizations by e-mail new rjl enhancement normal 1.1.0
#333 Cron scripts too chatty, need "--quiet" option. assigned rjl enhancement normal 1.1.0
#336 [PATCH] configtest.php and PEAR packages new rjl enhancement normal 1.1.0
#343 Maintain state of radio-buttons in ham/spam cache new rjl enhancement normal
#364 Italian patch for themes new rjl defect normal
#366 @local_domains_maps doesn't work as expected, not needed? new dmorton defect normal
#367 italian templates for perl scripts new rjl defect normal
#370 banner_subtitle overridden in theme code testing dmorton defect normal 1.0.3
#372 Make it easier for users to find their filter settings new rjl enhancement normal 1.1.0
#376 Display inherited whitelists and blacklists testing mortonda@… enhancement normal 1.0.3
#377 Switch to Regexp::Assemble for whitelists and banned file lists new rjl enhancement normal 1.1.0
#378 UTF-8 issues and postgres new rjl defect normal
#379 Let users reset their filter settings to the domain defaults new rjl enhancement normal
#347 messages passed also in quarantine new rjl defect low
#374 Display the Maia account username in level-3 log output new rjl enhancement low
#375 Don't delete policy records still in use new rjl defect low
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