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#79 scripts/ - locales on templates new rjl defect high 1.1.0
#188 stats INT is too small new rjl defect high 1.1.0
#83 Add localization support to assigned rjl defect normal 1.1.0
#86 Add meta-refresh when quar or ham cache is empty new rjl defect normal 2.0.0
#93 Add ability to click on email and have it whitelisted/blacklisted automatically testing mortonda@… enhancement normal 1.0.3
#105 Need changes for Quarantine and Ham Cache to not loose what is marked when opening assigned dmorton enhancement normal 1.1.0
#109 expand/hide button for triggered rule list new dmorton defect normal 1.1.0
#121 tooltips to explain stats new rjl enhancement normal 1.1.0
#123 ldap auth, incorrect config causes maia db problem new dmorton defect normal
#144 xadminuser needs to report more detail new rjl defect normal
#158 mime.php and GPG-MIME new rjl defect normal 1.1.0
#175 changing the values of a button using a local.php file in a custom theme causes the submit of the form to fail new rjl defect normal
#182 New option for users new rjl enhancement normal 1.1.0
#192 download item as file new rjl enhancement normal 1.1.0
#223 set language setting upon login if it doesn't match new rjl enhancement normal 1.1.0
#247 New swedish translation and a micro bug new rjl defect normal 1.1.0
#253 Copy maia_users defaults to new users from domain default new rjl defect normal
#63 Setting: Show a logo in the page-top banner? new rjl defect low
#125 viewmail.php has html in it new dmorton defect low 1.1.0
#129 New user script to support multiple virtual domains new rjl enhancement low 1.1.0
#155 <br> tag visible in To: column (trunk revision 573) new rjl defect low
#162 default system user account new rjl defect low
#332 adminhelp describes non-existant "Chart auto-generation interval" new rjl enhancement low
#186 PHP error on Corrupted Email Cache page new rjl defect lowest
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