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Ticket Summary Version Status Owner Type Priority
#72 return value/error check audit new rjl defect high
#64 keep maia up to date - admin stuff new rjl enhancement normal
#212 Executive Summary Reports new rjl defect normal
#215 Click on individual statistics new rjl defect normal
#217 Prevent domain admin from making changes to protection levels new rjl defect normal
#248 support dual user and user@domain usernames reopened rjl defect normal
#319 utilize foreign key constraints new rjl defect normal
#330 Remember user login new rjl enhancement normal
#386 send domain default digests to alternate email testing mortonda@… enhancement normal
#392 transport column in domain table new dmorton enhancement normal
#393 background image of resend icon is not the same as other icons new rjl defect normal
#394 not properly recognizing installed version of Crypt::CBC on new rjl defect normal
#398 french locale updated for 1.0.2 new dmorton defect normal
#399 clear cache new dmorton enhancement normal
#406 install docs don't mention dual injection of MTA new rjl task normal
#433 LDAP improvements new dmorton enhancement normal
#436 list users with domain when do a user search new dmorton enhancement normal
#462 For users, add option to process all remaining messages new rjl enhancement normal
#467 Problem with xlogin.php/cache.php new rjl defect normal
#475 Check auto_increment insert statements for mysql 5 compatability new rjl defect normal
#478 Danish translation testing dmorton enhancement normal
#481 [PATCH] update dutch nl locale new dmorton language normal
#484 fatal error with warn() new dmorton defect normal
#491 Convert Pear_DB new dmorton task normal
#500 website and mailing list integration accepted mortonda@… task normal
#137 View also in stats safe mail count new rjl enhancement low
#147 domainettings.php code cleanup new dmorton defect low
#304 dynamic lookup for downstream MX lookup new dmorton enhancement low
#362 remove legacy viewmail stuff new rjl task low
#388 admin/upgrades.php Fatals reopened dmorton defect low
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