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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#333 Cron scripts too chatty, need "--quiet" option. assigned rjl enhancement normal 1.1.0
#421 add more sql error checking new dmorton defect normal post-1.0.3 triage
#500 website and mailing list integration accepted mortonda@… task normal
#36 Verify that a whitelisted address is not also blacklisted assigned dmorton defect low
#147 domainettings.php code cleanup new dmorton defect low
#162 default system user account new rjl defect low
#184 Spam Message display in Mail Viewer goes 'out of bounds' new rjl defect low
#213 Easier way to create spam trap accounts new defect low 1.1.0
#332 adminhelp describes non-existant "Chart auto-generation interval" new rjl enhancement low
#347 messages passed also in quarantine new rjl defect low
#374 Display the Maia account username in level-3 log output new rjl enhancement low
#375 Don't delete policy records still in use new rjl defect low
#388 admin/upgrades.php Fatals reopened dmorton defect low post-1.0.3 triage
#533 which_section not helpful new rjl task low post-1.0.3 triage
#14 Add support for user+extension@domain addresses new rjl enhancement lowest
#202 tables in viewmail.php new rjl defect lowest
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