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#21 Optionally show header sender rather than envelope sender in column listings new rjl enhancement low
#22 Add the ability to deliver a message to users at login, with read/unread flag new rjl enhancement 1.1.0 low
#25 Add timing data to a database table new rjl enhancement 1.1.0 low
#36 Verify that a whitelisted address is not also blacklisted assigned dmorton defect low
#54 [PATCH] Auto-link multiple e-mail addresses from an LDAP authentication assigned dmorton enhancement low
#63 Setting: Show a logo in the page-top banner? new rjl defect low
#125 viewmail.php has html in it new dmorton defect 1.1.0 low
#129 New user script to support multiple virtual domains new rjl enhancement 1.1.0 low
#137 View also in stats safe mail count new rjl enhancement 1.1.0 low
#147 domainettings.php code cleanup new dmorton defect low
#155 <br> tag visible in To: column (trunk revision 573) new rjl defect low
#162 default system user account new rjl defect low
#184 Spam Message display in Mail Viewer goes 'out of bounds' new rjl defect low
#189 Add accuracy stats for SpamAssassin rules new rjl enhancement 1.1.0 low
#210 Feature Request - rescue confirmed items new rjl enhancement 1.1.0 low
#213 Easier way to create spam trap accounts new defect 1.1.0 low
#304 dynamic lookup for downstream MX lookup new dmorton enhancement 1.1.0 low
#332 adminhelp describes non-existant "Chart auto-generation interval" new rjl enhancement low
#347 messages passed also in quarantine new rjl defect low
#362 remove legacy viewmail stuff new rjl task 1.1.0 low
#374 Display the Maia account username in level-3 log output new rjl enhancement low
#375 Don't delete policy records still in use new rjl defect low
#388 admin/upgrades.php Fatals reopened dmorton defect post-1.0.3 triage low
#415 Add warning to w/b lists assigned mortonda@… defect 1.0.3 low
#424 group by function new rjl cleanup post-1.0.3 triage low
#527 new help tip library has funny behavior in ie6 testing mortonda@… defect 1.0.3 low
#533 which_section not helpful new rjl task post-1.0.3 triage low
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