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#97 Let administrators restrict users' ability to adjust filter settings by mail type assigned dmorton defect PHP scripts
#18 Reorganize handling of spam threshold scores and destiny mappings reopened rjl enhancement 1.1.0 amavisd-maia
#31 [PATCH] Refactor maia_config and system configuration page new rjl enhancement 1.1.0 PHP scripts
#508 allow for secure onlly cookies testing mortonda@… security 1.0.3 PHP scripts
#437 auto-confirm in process-quarantine testing mortonda@… enhancement 1.0.3 Perl scripts
#493 --delete-address can leave database in incorrect state testing mortonda@… defect 1.0.3 Perl scripts
#477 restrict login to primary account testing mortonda@… defect 1.1.0 PHP scripts
#72 return value/error check audit new rjl defect 1.1.0 PHP scripts
#79 scripts/ - locales on templates new rjl defect 1.1.0 Perl scripts
#188 stats INT is too small new rjl defect 1.1.0 amavisd-maia
#254 system wide minimum digest interval testing mortonda@… enhancement 1.0.3 PHP scripts
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