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#18 Reorganize handling of spam threshold scores and destiny mappings spam threshold score destiny reopened rjl enhancement high
#44 Add search feature for quarantines and ham cache spam quarantine ham cache search new rjl enhancement normal
#49 Create a new user class for spamtrap accounts spamtrap account user class new rjl enhancement normal
#56 Move $sa_spam_subject_tag and $sa_local_tests_only to the Maia system configuration table sa_spam_subject_tag sa_local_tests_only database amavisd.conf configuration maia_config assigned rjl enhancement normal
#161 spam trap accounts confuse users spam trap account new dmorton defect normal
#530 Truncate large mail items for spam-checking purposes $sa_mail_body_size_limit truncate SpamAssassin new rjl enhancement normal
#565 MySQL and SA: tokens don't update correctly in some cases mysql spamassassin bayes awl testing rjl@… defect normal
#189 Add accuracy stats for SpamAssassin rules stats statistics spamassassin rules new rjl enhancement low
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