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#41 Let administrators see all of their quarantines and caches in one place admin administrator quarantine cache list new anonymous enhancement normal
#44 Add search feature for quarantines and ham cache spam quarantine ham cache search new rjl enhancement normal
#45 Add custom headers to rescued mail rescue quarantine custom header new rjl enhancement normal
#329 Add a facility to report spam to external organizations by e-mail report reporting new rjl enhancement normal
#440 Add a size limit to the quarantine digests send-quarantine-digests size limit new rjl enhancement normal
#469 Digests don't properly omit mail types as advertised digest send-quarantine-digest maia.conf testing mortonda@… defect normal
#470 Use more intuitive column label for releasing items from virus, banned and quarantine column labels release rescue accepted mortonda@… defect normal
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