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#97 Let administrators restrict users' ability to adjust filter settings by mail type settings.php destiny restriction assigned dmorton defect high
#34 Better handling for broken MIME structure mime structure display_parts mime.php testing mortonda@… defect normal
#299 [PATCH] Allow comma separated lists for new user entry adminuser.php xadminuser.php new rjl enhancement normal
#306 PEAR::DB is not properly detected by configtest.php configtest.php pear db assigned dmorton defect normal
#336 [PATCH] configtest.php and PEAR packages configtest.php pear registry new rjl enhancement normal
#372 Make it easier for users to find their filter settings settings.php new rjl enhancement normal
#431 Addresses (and users) are not deleted when a domain is deleted maia_db.php delete domains testing mortonda@… defect normal
#495 add_domain() does not check for duplicates add_domain domain maia_db.php duplicate testing mortonda@… defect normal
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