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#10 on mouse over color change list-cache javascript change color new dmorton enhancement normal
#35 Separate whitelists and blacklists on to separate pages whitelist blacklist testing mortonda@… enhancement normal
#37 IP-based whitelists and blacklists whitelist blacklist ip dnsbl new rjl enhancement normal
#41 Let administrators see all of their quarantines and caches in one place admin administrator quarantine cache list new anonymous enhancement normal
#43 Auto-whitelist senders of confirmed ham items whitelist auto-whitelist confirmed ham new rjl enhancement normal
#376 Display inherited whitelists and blacklists inherited whitelists blacklists testing mortonda@… enhancement normal
#416 Add bulk import/export of individual user whitelists/blacklists to whitelists import export new rjl enhancement normal
#514 Have whitelists and blacklists apply to visible header addresses whitelists blacklists testing mortonda@… defect normal
#36 Verify that a whitelisted address is not also blacklisted whitelist blacklist assigned dmorton defect low
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