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#441 Under load amavisd fails with "MySQL server has gone away" new rjl defect highest
#18 Reorganize handling of spam threshold scores and destiny mappings reopened rjl enhancement high 1.1.0
#188 stats INT is too small new rjl defect high 1.1.0
#15 Add state counters by Message-ID assigned rjl enhancement normal
#48 Add hierarchical banned file attachment lists assigned rjl enhancement normal 1.1.0
#56 Move $sa_spam_subject_tag and $sa_local_tests_only to the Maia system configuration table assigned rjl enhancement normal
#244 Update amavisd-maia reopened rjl enhancement normal 1.1.0
#377 Switch to Regexp::Assemble for whitelists and banned file lists new rjl enhancement normal 1.1.0
#503 cache statement handles, uneeded finish() new rjl enhancement normal post-1.0.3 triage
#504 Automatically insert new rules testing mortonda@… enhancement normal 1.0.3
#524 Spam, scam, and phishing signatures for ClamAV are incorrectly treated as viruses testing rjl@… defect normal 1.0.3
#529 Encryption breaks with taint errors with Crypt::CBC 2.27 and newer new rjl defect normal post-1.0.3 triage
#530 Truncate large mail items for spam-checking purposes new rjl enhancement normal
#551 new preload modules new rjl defect normal 1.0.3
#566 Invalid encoding in raw subject may cause inclomplete save accepted mortonda@… defect normal 1.0.3
#25 Add timing data to a database table new rjl enhancement low 1.1.0
#347 messages passed also in quarantine new rjl defect low
#374 Display the Maia account username in level-3 log output new rjl enhancement low
#533 which_section not helpful new rjl task low post-1.0.3 triage
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