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New 1.0.x Project Fork on GitHub

Joshua Small has been maintaining a fork of the Maia Mailguard project on GItHub for some time now, updating the code base to keep up with newer versions of PHP, etc. Think of it as an "unofficial 1.0.4"; until such time as a 2.0 is released, this is the version you'll want to use.

Get it here:

Maia 1.0.2c Released (minor maintenance)

A very minor update (1.0.2c) was released today to fix a feature we inadvertently broke with our recent security fix. Wildcards (* and ?) were no longer being accepted in new user-submitted whitelist and blacklist entries (see #558); pre-existing entries containing wildcards were unaffected, only attempts to add new entries containing wildcards were being rejected.

The fix is equally small: a one-line edit (see [1513]).

Thanks to Jan Arve Nygård for spotting this! :)